May 19, 2010

7 Random Facts (tagged by Labella Iman)


I was tagged by Labella Iman
  1. I am Lazy.  yes I am  VERY lazy.  Embarrassingly lazy, thank GAWD yall visit my blog instead of coming to my house because you would be disappointed in me. Despite my obvious laziness towards manual labor I must say my kitchen has to be spotless. IT HAS TO BE and my dishes MUST be squeaky clean.  I will not eat at your house if I see your kitchen is gross and nasty.  You may be growing all kinds of fungus all over your house but as long as your kitchen is spotless we are cool.  

  2. I check this  video out WAY too many times and I dance to it. yes I do. Can't touch this!  Who said white boys can't dance?

  3. I work out to the following clips....don't laugh

  4. I am the lead singer in my airband....we are AWESOME!  I posted on facebook that I was forming an airband and I got some volunteers and like I said...we are AWESOME.  Don't know what an airband is or does?  look at the clip below it was my inspiration.

  5. I just ate half of a giant watermelon in one sitting. ((burp))

  6. I am currently full of myself and I think I am the hottest thing to have walked the earth since 1985.  OH YEAH BABY!! You see the little girl in the clip below?  TOTALLY GOT HER BEAT!!  who cares that I am like 20+ years older than her?  she aint got nufffing on me!

  7. Although I look mature don't let my charms full ya, I have the maturity level of a kindergartner whose bugger has gone missing (most likely stolen).
Jaz, Kachik, NeverEver, Alabaster Muslim,  Hispanic Muslimah, tagged YOUR IT!

    ps. I enjoy manual labor when am upset, I clean like no other.


    Jaz said...

    Haha this post made me laugh. I'm so lazy too but also a neat freak around the house, I don't let my husband was the dishes because I think he won't do it right.

    The Scrubs clips were hilarious. Love it!

    jana z. said...

    ooh my gosh i laughed so hard at that first guy who went through the evolution of dance. my family came when they heard me laugh and started watching. thanks for that.

    NeverEver said...


    #2 and #6 have got to be my favorites :-)

    My dances are way better than his though, lol :-P

    .::Tuttie::. said...

    @Jaz, mine is more neurotic than I am about kitchen cleanliness so we are cool. :) Otherwise it would be a point of contention for the two of us.

    @Jana...Glad I could help entertain.

    @NeverEver. OH HOW I WISH I LIVED NEAR YOU!! I would love to see you dance.

    Rasulullah (saw) said, "Do not be people without minds of your own, saying that if others treat you well - you will treat them well, and that if they do wrong - you will do wrong. Instead, accustom yourselves to do good if people do good and not to do wrong if they do evil." (Al-Tirmidhi #1325)

    Plus they aren't really drawing the Prophet (saw) because they don't know what he looks like. Second the sin for attempting to disgrace the Prophet (saw) is on them not on me. They are only trying to get a reaction from us and they hope for a violent one so that it can be a soundbite for future Islam bashing. I wont take their bait.

    In the end the joke is on them because they have dedicated a day, weeks in advanced to remember a man they normally wouldn't think about. Who knows who amongst them may become Muslim after this.

    Skye said...

    Salaams tuttie
    u make me laugh hehe masha'allah
    very cute tag

    Love of Islam said...

    omgosh that is hilarous...I def have to follow your blog. If you're like the girl in the video, alhamdulillah at least you're appreciative! lol

    Love the first video and I love scrubs too...though won't watch it when my daughter's awake so don't usually catch it, lol

    Keep it up!

    okay, have to go watch the dancing vid again :)

    ma salaama