April 23, 2010

EMERGENCY Facebook Safety

In the name of Allah, compassionate & merciful بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمنِ الرَّحِيمِ
Peace be with you السلام عليكم

MEMBERS FOR YOUR SAFETY...There is a new privacy setting called "Instant Personalization" that shares data with non-facebook websites and it is automatically set to "Allow." Go to Account > Privacy Settings >  Applications and Websites and un-check "Allow". Please double check

Also YOU may be careful with your information but your friends may put you in jeopardy. Every time your friends join a website using facebook connect, play a game or use a cutesie application to send something they give permission to access ALL of their friends information. You can make sure your friends aren't a liability by going to Account > Privacy Settings > Applications and Websites > What your friends can share about you (EDIT SETTINGS) uncheck everything (unless you don't mind third parties that you never authorized look at your private information and SAVE changes.

You might have to repeat it a couple of times because even though I kept clicking on "save changes" it took nearly 3 tries to get it to stick. Every time I would click on save changes go to another page on facebook and return to the setting they were still checked.

Here is a pic of what it looks like

Here is the text in case the picture above isn't clear. taken from the application and websites privacy settings.

What your friends can share about you through applications and websites

When your friend visits a Facebook-enhanced application or website, they may want to share certain information to make the experience more social. For example, a greeting card application may use your birthday information to prompt your friend to send a card

If your friend uses an application that you do not use, you can control what types of information the application can access. Please note that applications will always be able to access your publicly available information (name, Profile picture, gender, current city, networks, friend list and pages) and information that is visible to everyone.

* Personal info (activities, interests, etc.)
* Status updates
* Online presence
* Website
* Family and relationship status
* Relationship details (significant other, looking for, etc.)
* Education and work
* My videos
* My links
* My notes
* My photos
* Photos and videos I'm tagged in
* About me
* My birthday
* My hometown
* My religious and political views

Keep your friends safe and pass this along.


Stacy aka Fahiima said...

It only takes a couple minutes to change these settings and is totally worth it!

NeverEver said...

what a headache. this is why i don't do facebook.

AlabasterMuslim said...

Thank you Tuttie. I'm really paranoid now that I put some pictures of myself up.

Kiddy said...

Well,it's a good thing I did what Marvin advised us to do and that was to delete our Facebook account forever.I'm glad some people care about others like you do Tuttie.

hispanic muslimah said...

Thanks Tuttie, I just fixed mine.

.::Tuttie::. said...

alhamdulillah it was of benefit to you guys! I love hassanats so keep them coming