March 31, 2010

Today is March 31st my dad's deathdate

In the name of Allah, compassionate & merciful بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمنِ الرَّحِيمِ
Peace be with you السلام عليكم

I was looking through my birth certificate (its in Spanish) and totally in writing and the numbers are spelled out (technically typewriter, fancy I know). It has a fancy Salvadoran seal top center, the serial number on the left followed by another tiny seal, something that looks like a stamp on the left column with an additional stamp for the state I was born in and 24 lines of text. It is pretty formal it has my mothers full maiden name and the names of her parents, where she was born, followed by her profession, how old she was when she gave birth, where she lived and her nationality. The same for my dad.

I am pretty sure I have read this birth certificate many, many, many times before, shoot I even had to translate it once (until we got it translated professionally and notarized). Anyway, as I was reading it today I honestly felt that it was the first time I actually read it. Weird. It turns out that the certificate even tells you who filed the birth certificate (my dad), who claims to be the dad (my dad), who is recognizing the child as his (my dad). Its kinda like they are confirming it three times to make sure that this person who is filing it knows what they are doing. It also had the Salvadoran version of a social security number (Cédula de Identidad Personal) of the person filing (my dads, S-P-E-L-L-E-D out). It goes further and tells you that the person receiving the information (city hall?) has faith that my dad is telling the truth and is therefore authorizing this birth certificate. Spells out the city and the date it was filed on (11 days after my birth) as well as the credentials of the person typing it up and it records what birth certificate number and book it belongs in. Since this is an official copy of my birth certificate it has the credentials of the person making the copy, her signature and her stamp. Oh, and if you hold up in to the light it has a watermark on it.

Like dang, they are treating this like a matter of national security in the 80's! lol.

I actually didn't realized it was my dad who filed my birth certificate. I know it is not relevant for most people but if you understood that my whole life I have been told by people that my mother didn't want me (her behavior didn't really sway me the other way either) and my dad loved me so much he would bend over backwards for me. I feel that this is a testament to that. *tear*
SIDE NOTE: my birth certificate says that I was the 334th child to be born in that locality or at the very least the 334th birth certificate application.

oh, and my dad was one year younger than my mom. WHAT?!
There was another page attached to my birth certificate and it was my dad's death certificate. So I read it for like the umpteenth time and just like my bc it was as if I was reading it for the first time.

It has his full name, gender, age, marital status, where he was born, nationality, his parents FULL names, where they were born and nationality. It says what he died of, who filed the death certificate (his sister), her social security number (S-P-E-L-L-E-D out), and all the credentials of all the people who touched the application. It was filed 11 days after his death. Whats up with that side of the family waiting exactly 11 days to file anything with the govt? (It took my hubs and I a couple of weeks to file my son's birth certificate but whose counting?)

Here is the kicker, it says He died at 11:30 PM on March 30th 1985. oops. Here I am mourning his death all those years and I had the wrong date?!

I feel stupid.

No, no, stupid doesn't cut it. I am embarrassed and ashamed. (HERE is me posting about his death and how I feel about it, notice the date). Stupid. I don't even know how this happened? I think I asked my mom a couple of times before and she said March 31st. I actually forgot that I had his death certificate because when I left my mom she kept all my legal documentation (out of spite) and I had to reapply for everything and even so this is a Salvadoran legal document so I would have been unable to get a copy.

PS. This comes from a woman who watched the Malcom X movie (the one with Denzel) and TOTALLY missed the point that he was Muslim. YUP. My perception skills are impeccable, untouchable. In my defense I wasn't Muslim. Does that count? Other than these obvious snafus I am very good at remembering stuff.

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AlabasterMuslim said...

Salaamu Alaikum Tuttie.

I love looking back at birth certificates and other documents that allow you to learn about your family history.

I honestly wish for your sake that your father was still alive, may he rest in peace. It really does seem like he loved you a lot, especially if he was the one to go fill out and file your birth certificate. Are you able to see his signature? Or maybe on the original it has his signature? It would be cool to look at.

You should buy a book (or just write on regular paper) and write down all the family heritage you can, since I know it can be hard to trace genealogy back in other countries. That way your son can have his history from his mothers side and his fathers side.