March 6, 2010

Kid Marriages

In the name of Allah, compassionate & merciful بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمنِ الرَّحِيمِ
Peace be with you السلام عليكم

LOL. I had to share. I JUST HAD TO SHARE!! So I am playing UNO on facebook (totally addicted) and I saw my friends update and I couldn't stop laughing. Enjoy.

Laila's married to her imaginary friend. His name is Tickle Tickle. He's also 2 years old. She talks about him all the time. I thought kids don't get imaginary friends until they're at least 5. It took me more than a month to figure out who Tickle Tickle is. Today she told me that he's her husband; I thought he was just a friend. And he gives her chocolate, apparently.


muslimah said...

lol, soo cute : )

Candice said...

Lol, how cute! I'd find it less cute if it was my 2 year old coming up with it though! I'm glad she's almost 3 and doesn't have any husbands. Phew

But very good for your Facebook friend's daughter for having a *husband* and not the usual *boyfriend* kids have! That's committment! :P

CareMuslimah said... cute is that?? Gosh they almost make me want to have a baby now!! :D mashallah!!

Salam dear btw! After your UNO post I just started playin UNO too, I mean how annoyingly awesome is it, right?!.. Reminds me of home too! I've been reading, just not commenting a lot I don't think.

Hope you're well! Kisses

♥Tiffany Nicole♥ said...

LOL! Awwwwww...2 Cute...Tickle,!
Well your little one has it all together...she knows her husband is going to bring her chocolate<3

AlabasterMuslim said...

Lol so cute haha!!

Hajar said...

LoL~ That's too cute! Hope she outgrows that. :)

NtN said...

Awww, mashaAllah! Only two and she knows the rules of marriage :-P