March 20, 2010

I hope my son wont hate me...

In the name of Allah, compassionate & merciful بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمنِ الرَّحِيمِ
Peace be with you السلام عليكم

img from Declan's Closet
(hope to check them out later today, inshaAllah)

ok. I heart second hand stuff, I do, I REALLY, REALLY DO. I think it has to do with me LOVING history. I loved it so much I double majored in it. Anyway, recently I started dressing my son in his little thobe again and I thought he would look absolutely ADORABLE in some converse. Now, being that my hubs and I are unemployed our budget is really tight but we do need to buy my son shoes because he is walking and his other shoes fit him tight. So I bought these shoes off a mama on one of the parenting forums I am a member of and she gave me all three for $22 and that included shipping. Anyway my absolute favorite is the really scuffed one and I don't care what anyone says I am in love with that pair.

aren't they GORGEOUS? I mean all that history, all that fun the previous child must have had in them. oh the possible adventures! Although they do need a nice washing I am in love!

my favorite angle. LOVE the fading!

This is my 2nd favorite because I love black on black chucks! They would have been my # 1 fave but the scuffed one beat it to 1st place :). If anyone follows my Hijab Life blog (I previously did it on my HijabSwappers blog until I did a refocus) you would know I make a lot of my sets with chucks. If I could afford it I would buy a pair for myself but that isn't in the budget for a while.

Each pair would retail for about $25 and above depending on your location plus shipping and taxes. I checked ebay and some crazy dude wanted $50 for a brand new pair of toddler converse. WHAT!?! Dude is crazy! Unfortunately I didn't find any second hand pairs that would be close to affordable. Zappos and Sears had sales until the end of next week but a brand new pair would have still cost me $20 plus shipping. Children out grow shoes so fast, specially my son's age (16 months going on 17) I don't see why I would drop so much money for a brand new pair. ALTHOUGH part of me finds them irresistible my practical self usually wins.

I bought my first (and shockingly ONLY) pair of converse in 2001 (white high tops) and I STILL have them, still wear them and they are STILL in great condition. Alhamdulillah. I also don't like throwing things that can be reused, re-purposed or recycled. I am checking out consignment/second hand shops all this week hoping to score.

I read that children resent having second hand or hand me down items but I hope that isn't true. Because I would love to have a shopping partner when I am rummaging through potential treasure. Plus I think it would be a great place to buy things my future children can play in, kinda like play costumes.

Anyway did any of you get hand me downs or second hand items? Did you resent it? or do you share in my crazy love for all things second hand.

ps. my friend told me to stop calling it second hand...its VINTAGE. lol. FINE.


Love and Sugar said...

mashhhaaALLAAAH SOO CUTE!!!!

I just love kids clothing & footwear!!

Oh dont worry, I buy "second hand" too, it really does save you so much money!

NeverEver said...

I always really liked the thrifted stuff I found. It was like a treasure hunt!

NtN said...

I got my sister's hand-me-downs if they were still in style (we're 10 years apart) and my cousins got all of the hand-smocked/sewn clothing my mom made for us. My brother and I used to trade clothes that we got as gifts (it sounds weird, but it worked out well).

I think as long as it's gently used and still relatively in style, kids don't really notice or care. My sister bought exclusively secondhand until my niece was 8 or 9 and only changed because they had different needs (like work clothes). Not a big deal.

♥Tiffany Nicole♥ said...

I LOOOVEE his chucks..I have red & a black pair 2...Classic.

I used to get a lot of my kiddos stuff from "vintage" stores.

We still get "vintage" clothes & mainly because we can get a lot of nice newer stuff as opposed to 1 or 2 new new things from a regular store.
Theres this place called Platos Closet & we go to the one in the "Fancy rich" suburb next to us because the "rich" kids bring in a ton of new stuff...still with tags & everything...Yay for us =)

I am a HUGE fan of vintage everything so most of my furniture is really vintage...I'll have to take pictures when I move, of all my vintage goodness.
Like my Victorian dressing table & 1920s dresser <3
When I get married I'll have to clean out all of his furniture cause I'm not getting rid of

Banana Anne said...

BABY CONVERSE!!! Masha'Allah, they are absolutely adorable! I love Converse, and I love baby shoes, so the two together are perfect. They must look so adorable on him, Masha'Allah, especially with a thobe on!

LovieDrea said...

As Salam Alaykum! I love love love vintage shopping especially for my home like little cute lamps and rugs!..I like turning "old" clothing into my own thing lol it's so fun! so I totally agree with you :D

Candice said...

I had a lot of second hand stuff in good condition when I was young and fel fine about it! I think at a certain age it becomes important to the child to have picked stuff out themselves, but that's later. And with online second hand shopping that we can do now, they can easily pick things second hand! The freedom is awesome!

AlabasterMuslim said...

I refuse to wear anything but converse, even in the snow when it made my feet burn. My whole family has followed in my foot steps, I'm so proud of them :D
And now your son can enjoy the beautiful VINTAGE converse.

♥♥betoul♥♥ said...

mashallah! they are so adorable!
one of my best friends loves vintage shopping, she gets the best finds :)

R2theM said...

I grew up in second hand clothes and didn't mind one bit. I had a bigger problem with hand me downs, though. I only wanted the 'nice' clothes that my older sister had -- not the ones she was just willing to give up.

Either way, I honestly believe most kinds problems with second hand clothing has more to do with sibiling rivalry and feeling inadequate at school compared to other children's clothing rather than how they were dressed as small children with little to no comprehension.

There's nothing wrong with second hand clothing so long as you buy it and it's still in usable and neat condition.

Those Converses look AWESOME and now I wanna buy some for my girls.