February 24, 2010

Its not YOU its ME...

In the name of Allah, compassionate & merciful بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمنِ الرَّحِيمِ
Peace be with you السلام عليكم

I come to play not to date. geez! I am addicted to UNO but my hubs isn't always around to play with me and being that it is a card game you need another player. Anyway just discovered online UNO and nearly peed my pants with GLEE. So am playing UNO minding my own biz and all of a sudden am getting hit on by a dude named "Ahmed" and another guy with a weird Arabic sounding name. What the face bro? I come here to play so play!

As soon as they ask me for my sex, age and location, they try to add me as a friend. That's a nice gesture but am not interested and I stopped adding people I don't know a while ago because of a stalker issue. Anyway as soon as I don't respond or I ignore their friend request they give up on playing the game and we are left with a computer instead of a partner. I guess online rejection is hard on the ego after all.

On the flip side I have started some crazy competitions with fellow gamers (male and female) trying to intimidate them by sending them a dead flower, a roasted pig (as in am about to roast you son!), evil knight, cry baby and at one point one dude kept sending me "draw 2s, draw 4s, skips and reverses" every time it was my turn so I sent him a voodo doll. HE was nice about it and took it as game banter and didn't try to befriend me (he sent me some dead flowers in return). I usually don't initiate things and wait for things to progress before I send any gags and if they have shown interest in me I don't send anything nor do I respond to the conversation.

I think the gags and gifts are a fun way to interact with each other on an online card game. Anyone else have facebook UNO? cuz if you do HIT ME UP!

I must warn you, I can get UGLY and competitive.

{edit} our UNO (physical) cards have been marked up by my son. There are missing corners, missing cards, chewed up cards and other stuff. So my hubs and I are playing a game while trying to figure out which card teh other holds based on the imperfections. Fun.

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Sarah said...

OH MY OH MY OH MY I love UNO!! I have no mercy when it comes to UNO hehehehe I saw your dead flower and I was thinking WAT THEY HAVE ONLINE UNO!!