January 26, 2010

NOT the time

In the name of Allah, compassionate & merciful بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمنِ الرَّحِيمِ
Peace be with you السلام عليكم

Domestic violence is not restricted to geography, nationality, religion or race. Once an abused person reaches out for help the LAST thing they need to hear is "this is happening to you because you follow (insert religion here)" OR "this is happening to you because you don't believe in God."

It is VERY hard for women to reach out for help and they don't need to hear your thoughts on why they are there or to victimize them any further. I am talking about government employed social workers. YOU DO NOT GET PAID TO PROSELYTIZE. You get paid via tax dollars to help those who need the help NOT to spread your religion or lack of religion. If you feel that it is your calling to do just that then become an imam, rabbi, priest or an activist atheist or stand in the corner of a street proselytizing away. You are not doing your religion any favors by proselytizing while working if anything it underlines your LACK of professionalism and character. You are not honoring your commitments and if you are Muslim you are abusing an amanah (trust).

I think you can still be religious and practice your beliefs by BEHAVING according to your religion and by showing compassion and limiting it to YOU. Actions are louder than words and it is VERY low that you would push your religion on someone who is struggling and suffering just to push your agenda. IT IS WRONG. MORALLY WRONG. You have to ask yourself WHY are you there? is it to do your best to help these people OR to convert people? If the person you are assigned to you is of a different religion why not (after giving the govt services) redirect them to a local religious organization (that they belong to)? I think you would make a better impression then. Why this rant? a friend FINALLY reached out to escape her abusive husband just to get a "you are being abused because you are Muslim." WTH?! I am so angry right now.


Banana Anne said...

AAAHHHHHHRRRRRGGGGGGHHHH! Astaghfirullah, don't people have any sense?! What they're doing is NOT helping at all. There is a time and a place for dawah, and persuading an emotionally traumatized woman is terrible dawah. Same goes for people telling Muslim women that it is Islam's fault. Telling them this is NOT going to make them feel better, and instead it betrays their trust. Do everyone a favor: if you're a government (secular) social worker dealing with abused women, keep it secular and just focus on helping the women. If they are inclined and receptive to it, then you can refer them to a religious leader.

Amira said...

Welcome back! I completely agree with you. Domestic violence is a prevalent problem that breaks through all boundaries be it geographical, national, religious or race. There is a time and place for everything and pushing your views on someone is not good for anyone in the long run. I hope everything turns out well for your friend inshallah.

Maryam said...

Kudos to the women of that Muslim women's shelter.

and welcome back!