July 31, 2009

Want to be an organ farm?

So if you donate an organ to whoever you can receive a tax credit not to exceed $5,000. Now there are some who argue that if a woman can sell her eggs for money why not organs? Hundreds die each year because they needed an organ and none were available. I see the logic of this proposal and it sounds great, HOWEVER, I can totally see this getting abused. I can sooo see people from third world countries being butchered for this or homeless people or people in abusive relationships who just can't say no. This tax credit sounds great but I wonder if it is a slippery slope to selling organs

If it did become legal to sell your organs....
  1. Who will determine the fair market price of said organ?
  2. Will there be a minimum age? a maximum age?
  3. How is the govt going to monitor it?
  4. Will the income from the organ be taxed?
  5. Will the tax be considered income? or compensation for donating an organ?
Here are the boring details
Living Organ Donor Tax Credit Act of 2009 (Introduced in House)

HR 218 IH

1st Session

H. R. 218

To amend the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 to provide a nonrefundable personal credit to individuals who donate certain life-saving organs.


January 6, 2009

Mr. WILSON of South Carolina introduced the following bill; which was referred to the Committee on Ways and Means, and in addition to the Committee on Energy and Commerce, for a period to be subsequently determined by the Speaker, in each case for consi

July 30, 2009

I Love America

Yes, you heard right. I was actually born in El Salvador in the mid 80's and came to America as a refugee in the early 90's. I understand that in Islam we shouldn't be nationalistic or take pride in countries that aren't following shariah properly. However, after reading some blogs bashing America I decided that I want to dedicate a post to America.

I love America despite all the Rush Limbaughs (I refuse to spell it correctly or to look it up), Bill O'Reillys, Fox News and all the racists and bigots that infiltrate the capital. I Love you America.

You showed me love when no other country would take us. You have been lead astray by morons but you still help your poor, maybe not the middle class but definitely the poor. If it wasn't for you I would still be in El Salvador facing the military and being raped every day. If it wasn't for you I would have never met beautiful Islam. I would have never met the love of my life el hubster. I know everything is by the qadr of Allah swt and Allah swt chose for it to happen to me in America. so there. It may have been by chance but it was still in America :)

If I were to lose everything I have (I don't sweat it as much because as a Muslim my sustenance is written) I have options in America. If El Hubster abandons me and my lilo one (May Allah swt save us from such trials ameen) I have options in America. I have access to welfare, section 8, food stamps and financial aid to go to college and better myself. If I were anywhere else I would be outside the masjids begging for help and being looked down upon. I would be exposed to the elements and to whoever wants to mess with me. At least in America I have options to help me get on my feet. The Department of Youth and Family Services (DYFS) or child protection services may not always get to save every child but at least they try. If you have a mental illness you may qualify for social security benefits. The system is not perfect by far it is not perfect but it does make a difference. DYFS made a difference in my life and the lives of other abused children I know.

When I was close to death in the hospital of near kidney failure and blocked toxins @ the age of 18-20 (if you guys read my previous post here you would know my father died from it) it was College professors and dorm mates that came to my rescue and saved my life. It cost $30,000+ and it was all paid for by strangers who didn't even know me. So I LOVE YOU America. When I was discriminated in class for wearing the niqab it was my fellow Americans who stood up for me. When I went to Honduras to teach with my Jesuit college it was my fellow Americans who stood up for me when some moron in Honduras wanted to strip search me "just to make sure." So Alhamdulillah for America. She may do stuff I do not agree with but I need to give thanks where thanks are due. I am grateful for all the kind people I have met who helped me when they didn't need to. I am grateful for being Muslim and being Muslim in America.

Actually this looks more like a Texan thing but I meant the US of A

July 28, 2009

It's Heelarious!

I may have totally missed the creators point but I do think these are ugly and send a horrible message. I believe the heal is soft so if the child stands it will just collapse. Some people have compared it to dressing up and its totally normal for a child to dress up in their parents clothes. But this is different. The child isn't dressing her self the parents are. WE are the ones putting this crap on them. To me it screams of JonBenét Ramsey.

I like my little kids to look like little kids. Although I am guilty of mommy and me days with my little man. We both wear gray baggy sweat pants with a white tee. Although come to think about it. we could both were a jilbab. Why haven't I thought about that before?

but Wait! there is more, if you are not a fan by now check out these sycophants

Heelarious News -

What the press is saying (directly from their site)

Heelarious“Little girls can get a jump start on their strut and be top-models-in-training before they leave the crib”
- Bobbi Thomas
The Today Show

omg. you hit the nail on the head. that is exactly what I want my daughter to be. A top model with an eating disorder, poor self-esteem and all before she leaves the crib. why thank you for letting me see the light.

Heelarious “Nichole Richie and Elisabeth Rohm are getting a kick out of their kids with Heelarious high-heels.”
- Bobbi Thomas
In Touch Magazine
Elizabeth who? wait... no, it's Elisabeth.

Heelarious “Wondering what to get the new parents Jamie Lynn Spears and fiancé Casey Aldridge.”
- Laura Lane E Online
yes, yes I was. Where do I send gifts to people who don't need 'em? Sign me up!

Heelarious "The shoes are hysterical. I'm surprised no one came up with the idea sooner.”
- Happy Customer Annette from New York
Well, here is a piece of misleading advertisement. The BBC? really? does Happy customer Annette from New York work for the BBC? How are the two connected? Oh. snap. the BBC mentioned them they must be credible shoes I must get one for my nonexistent daughter.

Heelarious “Christina Aguilera and Jennifer Lopez, are you listening?”
- Entertainment Tonight
How is that related to the shoes? and Aguilera doesn't even have a daughter.

Heelarious “They’re squishy! They’re to dress your baby up when they’re going to fancy events, so they can have their own high heels.”

- Diane Sawyer, ABC “Good Morning America”

yes, because what will the other babies say? when was the last time your baby hosted a black tie event? or when did you go to a fancy event and shook your head at the baby with socks on but no heels? I mean what was the mother thinking?

Heelarious “Next time a friend of mine gives birth to a girl, I'm visiting the hospital with a pair of these. Every new mother needs a good laugh after what she's just been through.”

- Lydia Kim, Pop Gadget

I see where she is going with that but I have no friends who would laugh at me bringing their daughter stuff they don't approve of. They probably swing at me for trying to corrupt their daughters.

Heelarious “The soft crib booties designed to look like high heels are selling like wildfire.”

- Melissa Jane Kronfeld New York Post

Where does one buy wildfire? California? or maybe Aussstralia.

Heelarious “When you see these you think of Kimora Lee Simmons, Beyonce (once she has kids) and Victoria Beckham.”

- Sherry Robinson tampabay.com

All my role models.

Heelarious "Move over Manolo and Jimmy Choo...baby girls can now get a jump start on the fashion world with their own high heels."

-Matt Lauer The Today Show

I can't believe a man said that with a straight face.

Would you buy these for your daughter?

Hannibal Lecter's Mum

OMG. May Allah swt save us from such trials Ameen. I was reading about the Niqaabi in Australia that was ordered to take it off by a bus driver you can read about it here. She stood up to the dude but instead of going for his gonads like I would have done she is asking that the company teach tolerance classes. MashaAllah.
Any who, I was about to write about it and my own experience with the niqaab when I accidentally clicked on the next news and I just cried. Ina lillahi wa ina ilayhi rajiuun. You can read the whole story here.

Apparently this lady in TX decapitated her newborn and ingested some of the body parts. She had recently seperated from her boyfriend (by a week I think) and he is presumably the father. She has a history of pyschiatric problems but this is the first time she had been violent. May Allah swt save us from such trials. ameen. If she ever comes back to her senses she will have a lifetime of regret and inner turmoil. Considering that this happened in TX and they are very death penalty happy, I wonder how they are going to handle this. Will they just enroll her permanently in a mental health facility or send her to death row? She obviously needs help.

July 27, 2009

March 31st, 1989

I think if I could go back in time to pin point the exact moment my life started to fall apart I think it would be March 31st 1989. I was 3 years old almost 4 and my father had just passed away at the ripe old age of 23 from total renal failure. In my opinion a child is an orphan the moment they loose their father, especially if he was a good one.

The last thing I remember is him picking me up to take me to his house but instead of keeping me for only a couple of hours as was agreed upon by my Mama Flor (she was actually an aunt but I though she was my mother), he kept me over the weekend. Although my mom was in the USA she controlled who could see me and for how long. He loved me so much that he modified everything in his life so I could be part of it. He modified his bus so that I could travel with him comfortably while he worked. His bachelor pad was transformed to toy wonderland. His activities changed to include child friendly places and people. I truly feel that of all the people in the world, nobody has ever loved me or will ever love me the way he did. Without expecting anything in return or trying to change me. His loss still hurts. I still miss him terribly but Allah swt loves me even more. At least I hope so, because that keeps me going when I am down.

I went to his funeral. I saw him in his casket. I also tried to wake him up because we had visitors. I put 2 and 2 together and I knew he wasn’t going to wake up despite the people present telling me that he was only sleeping. For years after his death, I was angry at my father. I thought that if he hadn't died then the things that happened to me wouldn’t have happened. So why did he die? did he not care? People treat you differently when you loose the person who stood up for you. You are a nobody. They have nothing to win by being nice to you because you don’t have anyone. When the Prophet (saw) lost his father and Halima and the other wet nurses were looking to take children home with them, they passed on him. Why? Because he had no father so who would pay them?

I have been told by well meaning but stupid family members that my mother didn't want me. Nope, not at all. She wanted an abortion but my father stood his ground and I was born. I have mixed feelings about that, because on the one hand a woman was forced to have a child she did not want and subsequently abuses that child for years. On the other hand, I wouldn't be typing this right now if she would have had her way. I wouldn't have been abused, neglected and beaten up. I wouldn't have attempted suicide as a child. I wouldn't have cried all those years out of pain and loneliness. I wouldn't have found Islam. I wouldn't have married my husband who is totally awesome when he wants to be and besides Islam he is one of the best things that has happened to me. I also wouldn't have my other love of my life, my baby boy. I love that little booger. May Allah swt protect him and save him from the evils of this world. ameen.

So, how do you measure unlimited, unconditional love? All in all I had a total of 116,726,400 seconds, 1,945,440 minutes, 32,424 hours, 351 days, 193 weeks of being spoiled by my daddy. I am 24 years old and I still miss him and I cry for him, I hope he was Muslim. I really, really, really hope he was Muslim and this is one aspect that hurts me and shakes my iman. Life changed on March 31st 1989 for me and I have to believe that it was for the best. Everything that happens to a believer is for the best. I believe that because otherwise I would go insane.

July 26, 2009

Have you ever been tempted to post

anon's IP addresses? and how they got to your site by searching cake porn? I am thinking of doing that and it would look something like this. Especially for the particularly nasty ones.


IP Address





Mi Country

Came from CakePOrn.com

I can lick my own butt

stop freaking ignoring me and answer the phone

So lets say someone is ignoring you for 3 days because they are mad at you and want to punish you but because of Islam they are only allowed 3 days. SOOO can I ignore them for 3 days after their 3 days are over? or do their days and my days run concurrently? and I know you are reading this rant as I have google analytics installed, so pick up the phone.

July 25, 2009

for the haters over at 3beeta blog

feast your eyes on this baby

go ahead, make fun of it, you know you want to.

Tutties Guide to Bagging a Man

  1. Go to the masjid @ jumuah and pick a brother and find out more about him.
That idea was quickly scrapped because I met a brother in my college who told me this piece of religious knowledge "What? You pray 5x a day? You don't need to pray five times a day. You just need to go to jumuah" Sadly, he was not a convert. SO in fear of ending up with a brother with that philosophy I decided to go on more exclusive times.

It has been said that the hardest prayers for the hypocrites are Fajr and Isha. So armed with this piece of Islamic info I suggest you follow the next plan.


For plan B you will need a bat, preferably a wooden one as aluminum causes unnecessary damage. AllahuaAlem. A couple of witnesses, some friends and your self esteem. Yes, be picky.
  1. Go to the masjid @ fajr and isha time and observe who comes in and out consistently
  2. Pick a brother
  3. Whack him upside the head enough to debilitate him but not enough to kill him or decapitate him....as hijab and orange jumpsuit aren't pretty plus remember, we don't want to be big Berthas bunk buddy. The objective is bagging a man not a woman.
  4. Drag him back inside the masjid
  5. Ask the sheikh to perform the nikah
  6. and voila you are a married woman
I thought about possible complications and here they are..
  1. You MUST be aware of who the imam is or else who's going to marry you?
  2. I repeat DO NOT whack the imam (unless you have a replacement and your aiming for him)
  3. Bring your own witnesses.
  4. When you whack him...it is not the most appropriate time to work out your men or daddy issues. Please save that for the therapist or social worker.
  5. If you don't want any baby mama drama it might be a wise thing to take a sister from the community so she could tell you that brother on the right...he has 14 children with wife #1, 3 with wife#2 and 47 with wife#3. So I guess he has an opening?
  6. Bring someone who knows the dirt on the community so she can answer your questions o brother Bilal with the bushy beard yea he is married to the hijabi with the no neck and broad shoulders...yup I heard she eats babies. ok. what about third brother on the left with the limp? yeah about him...he has gonorrhea. WHAT?! yeah jerk didn't tell me.
  1. Walk up to a random man of your choice and be like hunny where've you been? DO NOT MAKE ME WAIT THAT LONG AGAIN! sheesh and storm off in the direction of his car. Men have short term memories and dislike questioning a clearly pmsing woman. He will be confused and you can suggest you renew your vows. End result...you are a married woman and if you play your cards right you might even guilt him into buying diamonds, I mean who forgets they are married? A man who has to buy diamonds.

fun piece aint it?

July 20, 2009

DUDE I just turned 24 and got tagged

I avoided the first tag by Ange because it wasn't specific to me but I couldn't ignore VeiledSunset♥ as she called me out by name. darn it woman. Oh and the hubster gave me the look when I told him I was tagged. He asked that I not reveal too much of myself. HOWEVER, dude I have a blog...what did you think I was going to do with it? sit on it?
so here goes

10 things about me

  1. I survived a civil war  (that is not me nor do I know who this child is)
  2. I survived childhood leukemia like I said before...total badass.
  3. I am survivor of various child abuses ...inshaAllah I will post about them...
  4. I love Pinky and the Brain...NARF! (I am The Brain of course and my goal is to take over the world... hence the name of the blog) Hubster is Pinky...
  5. I love broccoli, tomatoes, avocados and anything Hispano
  6. I met and married my husband within 5 days of knowing each other. After I proposed to him..
  7. Gave birth at home to a baby boy with the help of two totally awesome midwives...mainly because hospitals scare the crap out of me. I am terrified of them...horror stories soon to come inshaAllah.
  8. I cut the umbilical cord hubby was freaked out about it. We look just like that minus the mustache, add a beard, remove that hair thingy on the dude and thats hubster. Also minus the extra kid....we only have one that I know off. Allahu Aalem.
  9. I managed an apparel factory of 10 workers from the age of 11 onwards by myself without any incidents while mama visited Puerto Rico on biz or left for any other reason. I tried explaining child labor laws to my mama and she said "sure no problem, but I will charge you for rent, utilities, clothes, food etc. etc." In the end I would have ended owing her money.
  10. I am a revert! Obviously that automatically qualifies me as awesome.
I tag...MINTY and Gabby Hijabi!

July 17, 2009

This is what I need.

If somebody could do that for me. It would be totally awesome.

Marketing is so complicated

Marketing is so hard. Darn it. I thought it would be easy. Just let the world know of what you are doing and they will come. That is what Kevin Costner taught me in the movie field of dreams. He built it and they came. Why doesn't it work for me? Kevin you lied to me. I built it and they are still not here.

I mean can't they just be psychics and intuitively know that I need them to come to my site? Why? o why must it be so hard? I suck at asking for help. I was raised to believe that if you reach out for help then you are weak. So I do things myself. As a result I have gotten pretty darn good at a lot of things. I have also limited a lot of my projects. SUCKOMUNDO! I have been trying to be a web programmer and honestly I suck at it. However, I am very darn good at reverse engineering it or tweaking an existing program to fit my needs. That I am very good at.

I wrote to a friend of mine who has a lot of experience and he gave me a quick list of what NOT to do. All of which I had already done and was about to send it to sites, magazines and newspapers that fit with my topics perfectly. Alhamdulillah I wrote to him before I sent those emails out and I didn't mess up my chances.

So apparently asking them straight forward to please publish or mention you in their next edition you get this answer: buy ads from us and you will be in the next edition. Thats great. I mean I do understand that they have to earn money and there is really no reason why they should do anything for free, and I do get that. BUT if I write to them in a different manner and make it seem like I am doing them a favor by giving them a lead, they are all over the story. Why? You will still end up publishing me for free. What was the big deal about me asking you straight forward? Why must I manipulate you in to getting me published. Because that is the way I see it. Alhamduilllah my friend passed that information along to me before I made that fatal mistake.

You kinda get a one time shot at this. If you screw up any subsequent tries are even less succesful. So crapiola. Back to the drawing board.

July 15, 2009

I am 30Gs in the hole...crapiola

my Uni ripped me off. Yes. Yes, they did. A lot of financial aid counselors are suddenly 'retiring' because there is an investigation about potential misconduct in the financial aid office.

APPARENTLY...these counselors were getting commission whenever they redirected students to get loans. You see. I qualified for a lot of academic scholarships and they had been allotted to me. However, my counselor would tell me that I didn't have enough financial aid and needed to take out a loan. So for 2 years I ended with at $30,000 tab.

My junior year I decided. The hell with this. I will apply for a loan AFTER my financial aid package from my uni has been prepared. Guess what happened? Not only did I NOT need a loan I had too much money left over.

Had my circumstances changed? well kinda. Besides reverting to Islam nothing else had changed. I was still earning a measly $5.50 an hour, still single, still eating bread with peanut butter (and rationing them). So CRAPIOLA! you jerk bag. I am 23 years old trying to pay off a debt that I never needed. I hope you enjoyed your measly commission as I am swimming in debt. Douche bag.

guess what today is?

I fell off my seat laughing so hard. Man day, you can read more about it here. Do you know what else supposedly is today? Sneak a Kiss Day. yes. very manly. I think the two brothes who have organized this should have done a little more research before slapping the man tag to it.

I have been reading men blogs today and this is my favorite response thus far.
As fellow Y-chromosomers, we'd love to play along. But, sadly, we find ourselves in an office, where most of Man Day's suggested activities --- such as hunting, blowing things up, playing football and watching all the Rambo movies -- are simply not feasible, lest we want to become unemployed men.

So instead, we will be celebrating Man Day by attempting to execute complicated technical tasks without following the instructions and by doing a lot of (muffled) burping.
yes. very manly and may I ask, HOW is that different than any other day?

SubhanaAllah and then to make my day I go to Anges blog and I find this and it flowed so well with my post I had to have it

July 14, 2009

is it really forgiveness?

from Jrocco

I went through a lot as a kid, I was like the stray dog that gets kicked by the neighborhood because it has no owner, no home, and no one to stand up for it.

After Islam I was actually able to forgive everyone who had ever done something hurtful to me. That gave me closure in a way but the sadness and emptiness they cause still lingers.

Someone said that I haven't truly forgiven if I felt that way. I disagree. Just because someone apologizes and you choose to forgive them doesn't erase the damage they may have done. In my case no one apologized but I chose to forgive them anyway but I still feel the scars from their wounds.

I don't hate them. I don't hold grudges against them. I am actually afraid to be in their shoes. Their day of judgment will come and they will have to answer to Allah swt for what they have done. That is not an enviable position.

Is it truly forgiveness if I still feel the pain?

July 13, 2009

Men Rant

So I am part of this group of social entrepreneurs trying to raise money through business for sadaqa. So one brother created a Muslim Game and apparently some Muslim dude from the UK found something incredible wrong with it. Mind you the brother had great points but all were ignored because of the following comments he made.

I know some American sisters might be a bit more free in regards to this issue of appearing on camera compared to Uk sisters, but this is too free. I cannot imagine any decent sister who knows the ruling on hijaab, who would want her face to be gazed at by thousands across the world in such as way. A'uzubillah, Fear Allah. What exactly were the motives for the sisters appearing on screen? Was it because they were going to be paid? Regardless of what the reason is, this is completely unacceptable.
NOW I am going on a rant...the comment of "American sister are more lax as opposed to UK sisters" bothered me. So your sisters are more pious then my sisters based on the land they live? Really? Really...no, I mean REALLY? Men should really talk more about themselves lowering their gaze, bettering themselves and stuff and stay the hell away from deciding which sister is more lax based on the continent they live in or what constitutes hijab or how women should dress, give birth and so on. We are capable of doing the research ourselves, Allah swt gave us free will and the issue is between each person and Allah swt.

I missed most of his points because that one point ticked me off and every akhi afterward just came off as condescending. His letter came off as insincere as he starts "Alhamdulillah it's great you are releasing a new Muslim game, as your last game looked so good, and I pray Allah put barakah in it." .....

The game itself I do not approve of as it is merely a way of passing time. When we think how in that very time, we could gather in circles of knowledge with our friends revising our course material, but instead we are trying to describe rude words to each other, it really seems as though it is not beneficial.
I can't seem to reconcile these two sentences. You either like it or your condemning it to hell (you can't be a little bit pregnant). I think there is a saying about PRACTICING the advice GIVEN. He must be a very pious brother mashaAllah.

"However, on seeing these new adverts, me and other Muslims in the Uk were shocked" no. I disagree. Unless the other shocked Muslims send in their disgruntled letters he is only speaking for himself or is he the amir of the UK Muslims? Why can't we have the balls to say, "Brother I hated your game and I was appalled you had sexy women in hijab promoting it." NO, instead we try to hide behind anonymity claiming that "others" feel just like us as if that makes your point valid.

What exactly were the motives for the sisters appearing on screen? That's between them and Allah and your behind is not included.

However there is one style you must have not been aware of which is for a sister to wear hijab and wear make up - when was that concealing her beauty?
This brother obviously doesn't know that make up ROBS a woman of her beauty. If she never puts it on then she looks good but the moment she puts on lipstick and makeup her natural color just fades away and makeup becomes her crack. Its horrible I tell you. Also I know sister who look way better when they are rocking a hijab. I wonder what he would say to that.

Rant off.

I may have over reacted but as a hispanic revert I get so much crap about how latinas are 'loose' so this is something that sends me over the deep end specially when its coming from self righteous brothers.

Me heart the Bamboo

I just got the Bambo fun! Alhamdulillah! I probably won't be able to sleep now. I can now create my eCards for Halal Factor, make sketches for fun, work on my calligraphy and over all have another outlet to waste time in.

July 10, 2009

I got my feelings hurt

As Salaamu Aalaykum,

I shared with the hubster my anxieties about launching and he basically broke it down for me. He is right of course. I knew what he was going to say before he said but it still hurts none the less. I need to be more organized. I need to prioritize. I get it, but he didn't need to be so mean about it. suckomundo.

I love Pinky and the Brain NARF!

I made myself the Brain and the hubby is Pinky. I don't listen to music but darn this theme song always gets me. Hubster laughed about it but was "how dare you compare me to Pinky!"

Intro to Pinky & the Brain

Here is the transcript:
Pinky: Gee, Brain, what do you want to do tonight?
Brain: The same thing we do every night, Pinky . . . Try to take over the world!

They're Pinky and The Brain,
Yes, Pinky and The Brain,
One is a genius; the other's insane.
They're laboratory mice.
Their genes have been spliced.
They're dinky; they're Pinky and The Brain, Brain, Brain, Brain, Brain

Before each night is done their plan will be unfurled
By the dawning of the sun they’ll take over the world.
They’re Pinky and The Brain Yes, Pinky and The Brain
Their twilight campaign is easy to explain.
To prove their mousey worth
They’ll overthrow the Earth They’re dinky
They’re Pinky and The Brain, Brain, Brain, Brain Brain, Brain, Brain, Brain