December 13, 2009


In the name of Allah, compassionate & merciful بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمنِ الرَّحِيمِ

Peace be with you السلام عليكم

I have no idea who the infidels x4 are but I just wanted a simple "infidel pic." Anyway I was watching another documentary courtesy of sister Sarah Plain And Short from the blog S.O.S~Save Our Sunnah about the crusaders (she has awesome finds MashaAllah). First I was very angry and wanted to make bad du'as against them but it really is a waste of time and energy seeing as their day of judgment has begun. *shutters* I instead made du'a for all the Muslims who were butchered along with all the innocent people who suffered at their hands.

I actually was confused for a good portion of the documentary because they kept throwing the word "INFIDEL" around on the Christian side. I know this is going to sound stupid but remember my post on being brainwashed? WELL, for some reason I made an association that infidel(s) means anyone NOT a Muslim. So I was confused that the Christians (which is to broad technically it was the Catholics more specifically the French) were rallying the people to kill the infidels. I started to laugh because I was like, "why would they want to kill themselves?"

So I did what any self respecting history lover would do, I googled it and clicked on the wiki link and I was shocked. Do you know it originates from Christianity?

Infidel (literally "one without faith") is an English word meaning "a person who does not believe in religion or who adheres to a religion other than one's own".

Infidel is also an ecclesiastical term in Christianity, the term, traditionally used by the Roman Catholic Church to refer to one who did not believe in the divinity of Jesus, knowingly held beliefs that contradicted Catholic dogma, or one who had not been baptized, or by Christians in general to describe non-Christians or those perceived as enemies of Christianity. Current English speaking Catholic ecclesiastical usage however distinguishes between non-Christians and non-believers (persons without religious affiliations or beliefs). [ Today, the term Infidel is often used sarcastically to denounce religious fundamentalism, particularly Islam.

The documentary makes so much more sense know. Did they just switch history on us and slap us with it? OH NO THEY DIDN'T *wags finger in the air*


Moving on, I also learned why the Crusaders ransacked Constantinople, a Christian strong hold on the way back from Jerusalem. They were the Orthodox church and they double crossed the crusaders so no love lost there. I think the Crusades would have happened with or without the Muslims as it is stated in the documentary. But instead of the Muslims being the focal point it would have been the eastern Christians who didn't believe in the divinity of Jesus (pbuh), were relatively wealthy due to the trade routes in and around the area while the western Christians and Europe in general were poor and in the dark ages..

Another thing I learned was that the Crusaders although they did horrendous things like eating the flesh of their victims (yes they ACTUALLY DID that because they ran out of supplies) were technically NOT all Christians or Catholics. They were just thugs who vandalized Europe, the church and other innocents. Their pope DID tell them that it was a one way ticket to heaven but they weren't highly religious people. They interpreted infidel to mean anything NOT European so the first people massacred on their way to Jerusalem were the Jews.

Those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it.
George Santayana
As I was watching the lies spread about Islam on the doc I realized that they are still uttered to this day. AstaghfirAllah I still held on to some until a couple of days ago. The man or men responsible for that campaign should be studied because that is some lasting marketing right there. SubhanaAllah.

I was also thinking that we should study when the calamities happened to the ummah to find out what we were doing or NOT doing that brought about such trials. Did they abandon the sunnah? were they being unjust? What were the Muslims doing at the time? Even though the documentary was made by Non Muslims it still left me in awe of the Muslims. I do love this ummah and alhamdulillah I am part of it. La ilaha ila Allah!


.::Tuttie::. said...

oh yes I did and loved it.
Also I may or may not have had a mini crush on the guy who played Salahudeen depending if you are or are not my hubs. :)

hubs if you are reading this. ME ♥ you mucho mucho mucho

CareMuslimah said...

La ilaha ila Allah Mohammed rasulu la!! :D

dude I'm so jealous, my internet is sooo crappy I have to write this down so I can watch it online when my internet is nicer.

I knew that thing about the word Infidel, but there'r so many things to learnnnn. lol.. specially so we can defend our Ummah, since most people just hate Islam "because". They have no reasons to hate it, and we have to show them we have reasons to love Islam!

LK said...

Did you know the Pope finally apologized for the Crusades and admitted the Catholics were wrong? This only happened like a couple years ago. Up till then, we were taught that it was a glorious war for the spread of Christianity. Glorious and Riteous....Um big NO. Even my college mascott was the Crusaders. When the Pope apologized for the crusades, we changed our mascott.

Crazy huh?

Maryam said...

I did NOT know this.

You learn something everyday.