December 16, 2009

Ignorace as a point of view *rant*

In the name of Allah, compassionate & merciful بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمنِ الرَّحِيمِ
Peace be with you السلام عليكم

SubhanaAllah. I posted a link to the Sartorialist blog featuring a BEAUTIFUL and stylish sister (mashaAllah) and sisters (at least pretending to be sisters) criticized it as being wrong hijab. Going as far as posting comments on the Sartorialist blog about it not being "hijab" or not in the 'islamic spirit.' SERIOUSLY?


Like he cares? Why do we feel the need to correct others dress code? Online we can't gauge properly their iman level and we might end up pushing them further away from Islam when simple tolerance would have been ok.

At least in person I can see more or less where this person stands Islamically and I can tailor my advice to them. But when push comes to shove I look at the reason why I am giving them advice and think of it this way, which one is worst, the sister wearing wrong hijab (she can eventually correct it herself as she grows in iman and self confidence) OR do I want to push her out of islam and in to Kufr (where the likelihood of her iman growing is almost zero?)?

In our over zealousness we loose sight of the bigger picture and in pursuit of enjoining the good and forbiding the evil we butcher the sunnah, the ummah and the person in particular. Allah swt has told us He will forgive all sins except one ATTRIBUTING PARTNERS TO HIM. So if you are going to promote the sunnah make sure its the SUNNAH and not your nafs. argh!

You know what I feel is the best way to teach about proper hijab?

wear proper hijab

I will ignore the comments that were later deleted from the sartorialist blog but I posted it on a couple of [edit out] pages on facebook as they deal with Muslimahs and I immediately received a [edit out] negative feedback.

I am GLAD they are
NOT my friends and are just 'fans' on those pages. OMG. I kept hearing from sisters how they get put off by niqabis and I thought they were simply BSing me. Am a niqabi and am lovable, hugable and friendly am like a Spanish teletubby.


They are entitled to their opinions of course but I was highly disappointed at their lack of tolerance. Niqab does NOT make anyone more pious NOR does it give you permission to look down at people or criticize what they are or are not wearing. If you feel that way then you seriously need to look at the reasons why you wear the niqab.

[edit out]--------[edit out]

This ignorance as a point of view is driving me insane. Just look at our Islamic history all those centuries of TOLERANCE and freedom of religion and good character all lost on them.

It just gets my blood boiling to high pitch. ARGH!

Personally I am more strict on myself but I am liberal on others. Why? Because I CHOOSE to live this way and I will not enforce MY choice on them. They have to make their own.

Rant over (to be continued actually since this kind of ignorance is rampant)

wa salaam,

[EDIT] BY tolerance I don't mean to condone the behavior or celebrate it but rather NOT comment or antagonize them. I have come across blog posts I did not like nor did I think appropriate for sisters but I just left it alone. Seeing as I had nothing nice to say and it wouldn't have been helpful. I just closed the page and made du'a for them.

Al Maghrib should really have a class about giving naseeha. It seems we have lost our most basic manners EVEN thought they are SUNNAH.

we are all at different stages of iman

Al-Haakim reported in al-Mustadrak, and al-Tabaraani reported in al-Mu’jam:

Prophet (sws) said “Iman decreases or gets worn out just as your clothing becomes worn our (Prophet (sws) makes a Dua) May Allah allow you to renew your iman”


Stephanie said...

Can't say I'm surprised, but seriously, I don't even see how they could say it isn't proper hijab. She was in a black abaya with a scarf that fully covered her chest for God's sake. People need to get lives and stop being so hateful and jealous.

.::Tuttie::. said...

-hubs asked me to let it go. I will inshaAllah.

LK said...

Really? I went back and I can't tell for the life of me that she is wearing a long sleeved t-shirt and if she is it certainly isnt tight.

Sigh I think she looks goregous. The girls picking on her are probably just jealous.

kübra gümüsay (geb. yücel) said...

I must say I was very much surprised to find no silly comments on that picture. I even started to gain hope. But well... don't count your chickens before they are hatche. So sad. Being silly is fine but why do these people have to make it obvious and let others know? Besides: If they were as Islamic as they claim to be, they should've been aware of that it is your duty to cover your fellow Muslims "mistakes", instead of desperately looking for them. People just get stuck with the rules and totally forget that there is another dimension in Islam: polite, nice, friendly and positive behaviour.

Rubber said...

there was nothing wrong with her
jealous may be-the "sisters"

Rubber said...

it was nice and she was so cute
i loved her. it isnt easy to wear that black abaya in racist australia.


Rubber said...

oh come on!!??
it wasnt hijab because of some orange colour or was it not hijab because she wasnt wearing niqab???
oh cmon!!!??

ModestJustice said...

People need to get a life and stop fretting over every single issue. I personally thought she looked beautiful and the fact that she was ON the satorialist shows that 'hey we have style too' But then the grinches have to come and ruin everyone's day -.-

But what exactly is the highest stage of Iman? I mean if she wasn't at the 'right' stage for those angry commenters, what exactly is right?