December 7, 2009

How do you know they are even Muslims?

In the name of Allah, compassionate & merciful بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمنِ الرَّحِيمِ
Peace be with you السلام عليكم
since we are gullible as a newborn child and I am angry out of my mind this post is a rant...a long one. So if someone writes a comment on your blog with the name Muhammad, Aisha, Khadija tika masala, Salafi_in_acircle or whatever other "Muslim" name out there we jump on the 'bad Muslim' bandwagon.


And we start with the 'you are an embarrassment to Islam, yo!' How are they an embarrassment to a religion you can't even confirm they belong to in the FIRST PLACE? wanna know something? I know of people who use to LOVE going in to chats pretending to be someone they weren't just so that they could see the people go at it. gee, do you think they wont do it to a religion that has been vilified for years? How many fake Islam sites are out there paraded as Muslim and we come to find out later they are as fake as implanted boobs on a unicorn.

Anyway as I read more and more blogs I got angrier and angrier until I exploded seconds ago @ 7PM EST. I think people should write whatever the heck they want on their blogs (as is THEIR blog) and I have the right to react however way I want as long as no one is getting hurt. So yeah am piss off. I am so angry that I am actually cursing in my head but I refuse to put that vile on my blog. OMGAWD! I haven't been this angry in a while.

This is the virtual world people were pedophiles pretend to be kids, cops pretend to be children to ensnare the pedos, teenagers pretend to be older and the rest of us create alter egos and lives we don't have balls to live in reality. YET when it comes to a semi Muslim sounding name IT MUST BE TRUE. What kinda logic is that?

Shaytan is crafty and he is always trying to cause a divide among the Muslims.

So why are you helping him make the divide wider? Shoot I am writing under a pen name, my facebook has a pseudonym, there are no pictures of me anywhere and NONE of you have ever seen me in person nor do you know my REAL name. The only person that knows me personally visited my blog months ago (alhamdulillah she forgot the address as I was mortified of it) and the sister who mailed me the hijab from the sisterhood of the traveling hijab. So tell me how do you know I am Muslim? Alhamdulillah I am but seriously think that as you start following blogs and start on ignorant Muslims this, what is wrong with the ummah that. The ummah is GREAT alhamdullillah with or without the morons on both sides. Because Allah swt will protect His ummah, His book and His religion with or without yours or my help.

Another IRONY is that the same posts that are asking for the subject to die are keeping the subject ALIVE by keep posting about it with the excuse it is just 'one more post'. I am not talking about one particular subject, topic or person I follow more than 200+ blogs and I added a whole bunch today and as I kept reading post after post after post about the same or similar topic. You know how you let a particular topic die? you just let it die and you don't touch it again. Just like you would kill a plant by not feeding it. or snuffing out a fire by cutting the oxygen that fuels it. Are you starved for attention that nothing good is happening in your life so you must rip the ummah for someone we don't even know is Muslim?


I am not saying that the ignorant comments of those claiming to be Muslim online should not be corrected publicly as they have made their attack public. I am just saying what makes you think they are Muslim in the first place? Do you personally know they are Muslims? What proof do you have? So why tarnish the rest of us who don't act like egomaniacs fake scholars with a stick up our butts?

Honestly I never considered this topic until my husband asked me why I accept facebook friends and I said because they are women. He then proceeded to ask me "how do you know they are women?" and I proceeded to answer with a humble "I don't." (Not to mention he flipped a lid when he found out I had given a stranger claiming to be a sister my address so that the hijab could be mailed.)

SO remember that when you start your ummah bashing. Correct the BEHAVIOR go knock yourself out but don't go around trying to pin it on MUSLIMS unless you are very dog gone sure it is a Muslim.

If you could see me right now am foaming at the mouth and the only reason I am not cursing my butt off in this post is because I started with Allah's swt name and I won't associate it with filth. I just wont. I am doing a zero tolerance kinda deal from now on, I will let go of it this time but next time I see a Ummah this or ummah that categorical bashing WITHOUT proof I will immediately stop following that blog. Why follow it if I am going to end piss off and as rabid as a pit bull who has been bred to fight from birth.

[edit] if you were wondering what the fake license was from its from the movie SuperBad. I DO NOT RECOMMEND IT. although I did find it funny. Sorry. McLovin.

[edit] Sorry that I wasn't cleared or used specific examples as that would be backbiting. What I meant is that people on Youtube/forums/blogs/social media using Muslim sounding names are commenting HORRENDOUS things like, 'you are worst than a dog' 'death to america' 'death to all kafirs' or similar nastiness and stupidity. THEN the Muslim blogosphere start with posts bashing Muslims for those comments when those comments cannot be verified are coming from actual MUSLIMS and not some random trolls.

or Muslims start bashing the ummah directly on youtube IN RESPONSE to the ignorant people leaving nasty comments.
Or saying "you are an embarrassment to Islam"



AlabasterMuslim said...

I guess i'm guilty of what you are saying. Well, kind of. I only do that if someone insults Islam, or tells lies about it. But i never say 'you are a bad muslim'...i do say 'you should be ashamed of yourself!'

So true that they might not even be muslim.

.::Tuttie::. said...

Al am guilty of it too. now that i read over my post I didn't mean to come across so confrontational but I wont edit it as that is how I felt then and the post will sound funny now that am calm

Queen said...

i think its because its 2 am in the morning and i havent slept properly in ages but i didnt understand what you were talking about....could you sum it up? dont get mad i am just being honest and an airhead at the same know people often did wonder if i was blonde under my hijaab....oh lord i just insulted a whole lot of women, better go before someone hits me

Kiddy said...

I love it Tuttie you were live and you don't wear a mask and pretend to be somebody that you are not,what a breath of fresh air you are.I thank God for you.By the way the way is it not aginst the rules and regulations that are stipulated on facebook and we agree to, to use a pseudoname on there?

NtN said...

We're all guilty of it at times...But this is an excellent reminder of why we need to hush up.

Kiddy said...

And then there are women that actually act like they have
b---s and act like men,they are very scary some of them,you would think they were WW wrestles,the way they act.How do we handle them?

Ms M said...

I agree with your main point. We really don't know because anyone can choose any name they like to make a profile, even many profiles on the blogs, on youtube, on facebook.

I have wondered, and I'm sure I'm not the only one, whether someone, even if their profile name is ''I love Islam" (or similar) could actually be Muslim when I see the crazy and dirty things that they've written, for example on youtube in the last few weeks.

To me that seems kind of suspicious, but in the end we can't know so it's important to question these things.

You were ranting, but you got your right on your own blog; and it was really for a good cause, to make a fair point.

Thanks. :)

.::Tuttie::. said...

thats the word! TROLLING and we take the bait, hook, line and sinker.

to all I would feel terrible if I started ranting on someone else's blog that is why I did it on my own. Queen :) I love you.

Muslimah said...

Asalam Alaikum,
You made your point well. Your right we don't really know who is who on the internet which is kinda scary. jazakillah khair for the reminder.

Nizsha said...

Wow you seriously were so bummed out but you know the saying speak when you're angry and you'll make the best speech ever ;)

On a serious note, you're right.I know there's people out there who are so bored out of their minds or are leading lives with absolutely no purpose whatsoever theyindulge in such activities.My advice is just to delete such comments and move on like nothing happened.

My hubby has friends at work who talk about islam and seem interested.But when he tries to exlpain to them stuff they end up making fun of it.He gets so mad and now he gets it.Their intention in the first place is only to have fun at his expense.If they wanted to sincerely learn abour islam they would have taken a serious approach.mashAllah there's a manager who has asked my hubby's friend for a copy of the Quran with translation so he can learn more.

Nizsha said...

So we need to be careful when dealing with ppl.I used to be so naive when I first got married and moved here.But alhamdulilah i'm learning now and I don't even add unknown ppl to my FB.