November 23, 2009

Virtual Assistants (market research)

I know this is a new concept for Muslims but it is very wide spread and very common outside our community. I was wondering (market research) if anyone would be interested in a virtual assistant. I have a lot of stay at home Muslimahs who are college educated with advanced degrees and need extra income.

What is a Virtual Assistant?
there are 2 types, one that handles personal stuff like making your appointments, paying your bills (once you establish a relationship), just what a starlet would use but on a budget. The other one is more business related and deals with the following tasks
  1. make and confirm reservations
  2. pay bills/venues (with your debit card on file)
  3. prepare and distribute PR releases
  4. prepare accounting information for my CPA for tax time
  5. manage printing, shipping, and sale of books
  6. deal with customer issues and concerns
  7. manage my shopping cart and other online tasks
  8. research the best toll-free phone company and other vendors
Who can use Virtual Assistants?
Industries or businesses that truly work well with VAs are:
  1. Speakers, Coaches
  2. Start-up or Small Businesses
  3. Real Estate Agents/Realtors
  4. Physicians
  5. Independent Professionals
  6. Executives
  7. Entertainment Industry
  8. Contractors
  9. Marketing Consultants
  10. Telecommuters
  11. Web Based Businesses
  12. Attorneys
  13. Consultant
What is the difference between Virtual Assistants vs. Employee
  • No employee-related taxes, paperwork, insurance, or benefits.
  • No extra office space or equipment costs.
  • You only pay for "Time on Task" or by project.
  • The ability to stay on schedule.
  • Extra staff during seasonal or peak activity time.
  • Support on as needed basis, with fast turn around time.
  • Weekend and evening assistance available.
Paying a VA
Some VAs get a retainer each month for a specific number of hours. If the client goes over the retainer hours, they get billed an additional amount.

What are your thoughts? Have you ever used one?
Do you know anyone who has that I can email?
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.::Tuttie::. said...


connecting VAs with clients and if need be I could be a VA.

Gabby Hijabi said...

Thanks for reviving my fish.. lol. Yeah even as an adult it was hard to accept my fish was dead.. you couldnt have given it a little cpr or something..?? lol.. anyways thanks for the wonderful comments on my kiddos on fb.. love your blog and all the interesting topics.. so far havnt gotten up enough courage to write about my past.. (issues like my parents, and "the crazy mexican" hoping do be able to "open up" more.. Eid Mubarak!! Wa Jazakallah Kheir. Rabbina Maik..

Cookability said...

Salam Tuttie,

I am a Virtual Assistant, I've been working from home as a VA for around 4 years with breaks to have children. I gave up full time work when I was half way through my pregnancy with my first child, I started working as a VA soon after his birth.
I am currently working for someone exclusively so am not taking on anymore projects at the moment but I do love the flexibility of being a SAHM and being able to work online.
There are lots of VAs around.