November 20, 2009

too much.

I am too emotional right now so I will stop writing about the abuse in my childhood for the next couple of days. It has been healing but brutal at the same time. I will be writing at night because I have been crying my eyes out and my 1 year old is confused trying to comfort me. It is my issue and I rather be playing with him than him seeing me this way. He is such a cutie mashaallah. I am blessed and I need to do shukr. Jazakallah khayr for your duas. please keep making them for me.


Queen said...

it was really hard reading everything that you wrote about and must have been emotionally exhausting, yes confronting the past sometimes helps but at the same time it takes a lot out of a person. i can't understand how your own mother could be so cruel, and yet you love her so much. there have been many cases that have come to light in the uk about child abuse from the biological some cases the baby has not survived. I ask Allah to help all those children, to save them from torture of any sort it breaks my heart to think of any child enduring any sort of hurt. Please keep us all safe Allah.

Stacy aka Fahiima said...

Praying for you habiibti.

Muslimah said...

Asalam Alaikum,
I hope that getting everything out/ writing about it really helps you heal and inshallah Allah swt will ease your pain. Ameen