November 15, 2009


My whole life I went silent about my story. At one point the only people in the USA that knew what happened to me was my mom and I and no one else. I was ashamed and embarrassed about it. Today or at least yesterday I told who ever wants to read it via the web.

The reality of that is both scary and comforting. I don't know why I am such a ball of nerves about it seeing that none of you know me personally (as in face to face) and can't associate it with my offline life but I still fret. Weirdo.

DON'T LAUGH. I am also dealing with aunt flo. so my emotions could be all attributed to her. *shakes fist* I'll see how I feel about it a week from now.


Ma Vie & Etc said...

Even though, we'll all still be here waiting to listen and comfort. :) <3

.::Tuttie::. said...

@Al. When I go to other blogs to comment the same thing happens to me. I DON'T KNOW WHY. I guess this is how blogger makes its money.

Your idea is pretty awesome when I am financially able I would love to open a shelter for women in my area and soup kitchens. I would also love to adopt. inshaAllah.

NtN said...

I think this is very cathartic for many of us who may have experience similar traumas in our lifetimes. It is very beneficial and inshaAllah anyone you know or meet will sustain the proper adab and keep their mouths shut (or give hugs while keeping their mouths shut...Got get that lovin' in!)

LK said...

You are brave woman and Im sure your story has helped a lot of women :) I hope sharing has helped you too. May Allah bless you.

LovieDrea said...

you are very strong and very inspiring :)

Kiddy said...

I don't think you have told us about your aunt Flo.

I do think you are very brave to come out and tell us about it.Imagine a little girl right now,maybe having a neighbor across the street target her to abuse sexually,if someone comes across your blog and reads your story and then passes on the information to someone and so on and so on, somewhere in the back of their minds the memory of your story stays,and it might save the little girl that has been targeted,when these ladies share your story,you never know.

Nobody told me when I was hired at 10 to babysit 3 little girls at Raufarhofn that Gvendur was a pedophile,or I would NEVER have went there to be abused and destroyed mentally.

Thank you for sharing your story Tuttie,I know it will help lots of people.