November 7, 2009

please ask first

I understand that the nature of blogging or any information put forth on the internet has a life of its own once you unleash it. Although I am flattered when I get emails about my post being emailed to others or posted on other forums it actually creeps me out a little. I am not comfortable with the idea of my posts being used without my knowledge. I started blogging as a form of expression and a way for me to explore my past and come to terms with the abuse I endured. Recently, however, I have been rethinking my blog and the amount of information strangers now know about me.

I also don't know how it is being used. I appreciate greatly when people email ahead of time to ask for my permission to use any of my posts. Some people have just made a link towards my blog and I thank them for that because the content is still on my blog and people can see the context in which I said those things.

I am also begining to see a stalker emerging. They keep coming to my blog almost every hour and staring at one particular image that I posted. I am not sure if I will take that img down yet but I now understand why my hubs didn't want my image online. ALHAMDULILLAH I listened. He had a very good point.


Ange said...

yah there are some creeps out there

NtN said...

:S Weird. InshaAllah there's a way to prevent people from taking our content.

WYEinnazi said...

I came to your blog some days ago and quite enjoyed your reading. & I was in the midst of an assignment, so I left it as a tab for days. When you said stalker, I was thinking of the possibility of it being me owing much to the fact that I didnt remove your page from my internet tabs, Haha.

.::Tuttie::. said...

@WYE no it wasn't you. It was someone I met online and this person keeps coming back every hour or so from the same IP address and staring at a picture of me with my face edited out.

WYEinnazi said...

oh dear, that sure is creepy ;/ take care yeah