November 29, 2009

oh no! 6666 ayats in the Qur'an!! RUN FOR THE HILLS!

I have a very ambitious goal I want to accomplish by the start of the next Ramadan (inshaAllah) to do so I needed some BASIC questions answered. MY GAWD! the misinformation out there. I nearly threw my imaginary shoe at my monitor. MY GAWD!

As I was researching the following questions I found out that some idiot out there is claiming that there are 6666 ayats in the Qur'an and therefore it is a sign of the devil. WHAT??!? where did they get the extra ayats? The # I found were 6,236 ayats so how they got 6666 is beyond me.

Regardless though, I don't believe in numerology. I believe in the Qur'an and Sunnah. I am shocked at the claims but they aren't really that original to be honest with you. I don't stress it that much because Allah swt protects his final revelation and his religion. Nothing they do will stamp out Islam or the Muslims. Plus they are a part of dawah, if it wasn't for them trying to spread lies about Islam people wouldn't research Islam. So in essence it is a self defeating mission. So go nuts you nut jobs.

Anyway back on point here are my notes (I brainstormed while I was in the masjid and hubs and little dude where mingling in the bros section). *tears* My baby boy is mingling *tears* mashaAllah.

Personal Goals
  • Memorize the Qur'an by next Ramadan
  • Memorize at least the las juz by the end of this year.
Nitty Gritty.
  1. How many Ayats in total?
  2. In order to achieve my goal how many ayats do I have to memorize a day? a week? a month?
  3. Who can be my teacher?
  4. What would help me memorize?
-a chart
-a chart similar to the one used n Bk of mom and dad.
(once I have it made I'll share with you guys)
-create a support group
-blog about it
-memorize in the early morning
-Stay awake after fajr and sleep @ dhuhr when it is sunnah.
-Don't sleep at Asr time as it affects memory
-stop indulging in the music in commercials
-limit my tv watching and ultimately eliminate it.
-give in sadaqah
-make dua
-ask others to make dua for me
I know its a HUGE goal but I aim HIGH instead of aiming for mediocrity. Whos with me? and do you guys know any support system?


LK said...

Wooo that sounds amazing! memorizing the Qur'an would be difficult but I'm sure you will get a lot out of it. And Allah will be pleased with your efforts.

AlabasterMuslim said...

OMG tuttie i'm totally with you! I have very little qur'an memorized, but i'm proud of it because i memorized it all by myself. (well, they are the ones heard a lot. Plus i listen to a recording, and i read the qur'an + transliteration so that i can inshallah get it right.) Anywayyy I need to learn more! can you IMAGINE having the whole qur'an memorized??? inshallah inshallah that would be such a dream come true!
I heard its a sin to forget qur'an...So its going to be hard! but inshallah it can be done! Ameeeen!!!!!

.::Tuttie::. said...

@JazakAllah khayr LK for the well wishes.

@ AL.exactly. So far I have memorized 9 surah completely and 10 ayats from yaseen. The last time I memorized a full chapter was in 2007. *hides face in shame*

The last 10 ayats were memorized this year. that is why I am embarrassed. So I am recommitting myself to memorizing. inshaAllah.

.::Tuttie::. said...

oh and to clarify I said imaginary shoe because I don't wear shoes inside the house otherwise it would have been thrown at the computer. But since am latina it would have been the chancla. LOL

Ma Vie & Etc said...

Hi5! Sorta have similar goals. Mine is to finish reading the Quran by next summer and keep reading it throughout my life to get a better understanding and I also want to start memorizing too.

Stacy aka Fahiima said...

I would love to just read through the entire Quran in Arabic to improve my skill. I wouldn't necessarily understand much of it though.

NtN said...

MashaAllah! May Allah SWT grant you tawfiq! Will tafsir help for jaz 'amma? (I have lots of it from class!)

Sunnipath and Huda Institute both have tajweed classes that may be beneficial...

You'll be in our du'a!