November 29, 2009

Nitty Gritty for my Memorizing the Qur'an

Earlier today I posted that I will start to memorize the Qur'an, inshaAllah (you can read about it here)

So I did the break down.
1) How many Ayats in total?

2) In order to achieve my goal how many ayats do I have to memorize a day? a week? a month?
A day = 25 ayats (it was actually 24.254902)
A week= 175 ayats
A month=700
    How did I calculate that?
    I assumed the start date for Ramadan 2010 is August 11, 2010 (tentatively). I will start memorizing (inshaAllah) tomorrow Monday, November 30, 2009. That is a total of 255 days. I had already memorized 51 verses so that brought my total count from the original 6,236 to 6,185.

    My initial statement that I will memorize the Qur'an by next Ramadan seemed overwhelming but when you take steps forwards and start planning your strategy to make it possible it doesn't seem so daunting. I can memorize 25 verses a day (INSHAALLAH!).

    make dua that Allah swt blesses me with the ability to memorize, understand and live by the Qur'an. ameen.

    inshaAllah I will be posting more about my progress.

    [edit] Qur'an teacher said that memorizing by verses is not a good way to go and instead memorize by page. so that's the new strategy inshaAllah.


    Stacy aka Fahiima said...

    25 a day seems like a lot initially, but I think you can do it with determination and lots of dua'.

    Out of the 9 kids in the somali family that I'm close with, the 2nd oldest girl is the only one who actually completed the Quran.

    You can do it!

    hispanic muslimah said...

    MashaAllah you are motivated! What is most important I think is that you have a sincere intention to memorize the Qur'an. Ask Allah, and he will guide you and make this easy for you.

    Muslimah said...

    Ameen. Inshallah you can do it. I want to do hifdth as well but I always procrastinate.

    Umaymah said...

    May Allah make it a success for you sis! im also trying to finish the Qur'aan, but ive given myself alot

    just wanted to mention, you said youw want to try and do 25 ayaat a day, the thing is though, some Ayaat in the Qur'aan are very long (maybe a whole page or more) while some are very short (less than half a line) so I dont think its realistic to say you want to do so many Ayaat a day, maybe it would be better if you said you will do for example half a page a day or a week etc. so that its always the same amount and you stay consistent and no overburden yourself.

    I hope that made sense and i hope i didnt offend in any way.

    May Allah help you and all of us to memorizethe Qur'aan for His sake and implement in our lives completely.


    .::Tuttie::. said...

    teach said to memorize by page.

    .::Tuttie::. said...

    @Umaymah. You are totally right. my Qur'an teacher said that memorizing by verses is not a good thing as it breaks some of the meaning and flow of things among other issues.