November 29, 2009

♥Muslims♥ All Over the WORLD!

I am still on that high from a couple of days ago and wanted to share these videos with you. I first saw them in sister blog S.O.S~Save Our Sunnah! Isn't it wonderful that we are part of this ummah? Look at the diversity. ALLAHU AKBAR!

A road to Hajj - China - 24 Nov 09 - Pt 1

1300 years of Islam, MashAllah.
A road to Hajj - China - 24 Nov 09 - Pt 2

The road to Hajj - Azerbaijan - 25 Nov 09 - Pt 1

MASHAALLAH! her grandmother prayed and read Qur'an at 115 years of age! Allahu Akbar.

The road to Hajj - Azerbaijan - 25 Nov 09 - Pt 2

May Allah swt accept their hajj and bless the benefactor ameen. I love the husband and wife story. the rewards she must be getting mashaAllah. May Allah swt protect their marriage and continue to nurture it ameen.

Road to Hajj - Japan - 26 Nov 09 - Pt 1

I thought it was beautiful that he was trying to provide for his child a community of Muslims. May Allah swt reward him for his efforts ameen. Mashaallah. I am in awe of how he has persevered and finally has ethnic Japanese going with him on hajj.

Road to Hajj - Japan - 26 Nov 09 - Pt 2

I am going to be honest with you and tell you that I have very little love for the Japanese people in particular the people who were alive during the world wars, invaded and perpetrated the atrocities in Nanking China. I know its stupid but because of my childhood I sided with the Chinese. I love them for the sake of Allah swt. This video reminded me that it is absolutely stupid to hold a population as a whole responsible for the actions of the minority. I actually slapped my forehead when that realization hit. Why am I hating on a group of people I have never met? and WHY am I holding grudges when the harm was not done to me nor was I alive when it occurred? Anyway I have a new reason to love the Japanese, I have brothers and sisters there! may Allah swt strengthen the Muslim community there and may it continued to grow in both numbers and iman AMEEN.

Road to Hajj -Panama- 27 Nov 09 - Pt 1

Road to Hajj -Panama- 27 Nov 09 - Pt 2

I got all happy about Panama because they are latinos but I know of larger Muslim populations in Ecuador, Brazil and Argentina. I mean in my area an Ecuadorian Sheikh came from Ecuador to the USA specifically to speak to latino Muslims. He is responsible mashaAllah for bringing nearly 1/2 and possibly more of the latino converts in my area. SUBHANALLAH. ALLAHU AKBAR!

anyway inshaAllah the brother in the video will be able to go to hajj next year. I am making du'a for him.

Road to Hajj - India - 28 Nov 09 - Part 1

lol. watch the niqabi (who HAS to be smiling at the very least) try to comfort her big baby...her hubs as he is getting his shot. lol. Also check out the brother selling ihrams modeling that white hijab for women. lol

On a serious note mashaallah at the brother moved to tears just by remembering Allah swt. mashallah.

Road to Hajj - India - 28 Nov 09 - Part 2

May Allah swt accept their hajj as complete, may they be forgiven for all their sins, may they get their books of good deeds on their right hand, may they be blessed with jannatul firdous AMEEN.

and for those (like me) who were unable to go to hajj, May Allah swt allow us to go whenever it is best for us. AMEEN. and may it be an accepted hajj. ameen.


AlabasterMuslim said...

Mashallah Mashallah! I love in the first video watching the man draw Arabic is absolutely beautiful!!

Stacy aka Fahiima said...

I love this series!

hispanic muslimah said...

Very nice post sis, inshaAllah I'll watch all these videos you posted.