November 16, 2009

Istikhara Prayer for Guidance

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Ms M said...

Excellent idea Tuttie. It's such an important practice to learn and when I asked people about it a while back, even some practising Muslims were unsure of how to perform it and what to look for.

This is a download that explains how to pray istikhara which I found really helpful as it gives a little background info.

Sabrina said...

Love it. Cannot live without it. So happy we have it. Would most likely make all the wrong decisions without it. Thanks for posting, and reminding:)

Freckle said...

Tuttie I have used this prayer for guidance twice: Once to take me away from a man whom I thought may be bad for me (he was, and I was swiftly removed from my plans to marry him) and second was the other day. I prayed to have a clear decision whether or not to leave my husband. The next day I had a meeting with a girl about a share house arrangement and I was unsure about it but when I met her I knew it was meant to be. She is lovely and I am moving in with her on Friday. Alhamdallilah. I cannot believe my luck. After all this time the perfect door has opened for me. She has an 18month old and she is really lovely and kind and friendly. Exactly the sort of person I need at this time. And she just split from her partner of 4 years too. It is amazing the way God works :) He listens.

.::Tuttie::. said...

FIW ALHAMDULILLAH!! I have kept you in my duas and I have been wondering how you were doing. I know it nosy but I do get involved with the blogs I read.

I will keep making dua for u, ur daughter and family.