November 10, 2009

Islamic Hate Sites, Chain Emails and Google Rankings

I keep getting these emails and so have others about how site so and so is spreading misconceptions of Islam or this site said this about the Prophet (saw) or this site says Hijab is not obligatory nor is the sunnah lets fight back! Anyway after reading NeverEver's blog post about crazy chain mails (read here) I felt I had to address it. One of the commentators mentioned that when you do a simple google search about Islam or an Islamic related search you get a considerable anti-Islam sites that pop up.

Now some people believe that it is because Google is out to get us. That may or may not be true but the more practical and believable reason is simple,


so they rank higher in the searches. I have noticed that a couple of weeks after receiving the emails the sites in questions rank higher in Google. WHY? because of US.
Every time you click with your computer mouse you are VOTING.
Keep that in mind as you start visiting Islamic websites or any other website for that matter. Remember those emails make their rounds and there is nearly 1.something billion of us. If only a fraction of us click on to their site we boost their ranking and help them spread their hate and misconceptions.

Whenever I search for anything I use Google's cache feature. I get to see the content of that one landing page and decide whether or not I want to visit it. If I click on a page and it turns out it is anti Islam I exit out of it and alhamdulillah they didn't get any traffic from me and inshaallah it wont affect them ranking higher. Here is what I am talking about (click on the image to make it bigger)

Click on the image to zoom in.
Another reason why I do it is because of this article that scared the hijab off me. Its about viruses that download child porn on to your computer and make your computer a dumping ground for some perv out there so they can safely view the images while leaving you to deal with the consequences. Now this is not a fool proof way of NOT getting a virus but it is a step up and it is making you more aware of what you are clicking on. There are some NASTY sites out there and there is no need in giving them traffic.

Before you forward any of these chain mails (although I find them to be SUPER annoying) please fact check because your credibility is on the line. If you send me somethign I am going to assume that a) you know what you are talking about b) you agree with the point of view or else why would you forward it. Now if the information turns out to be bogus your credibility is shot with me. You may not have started the email but sure helped continue it. Some of these emails are important and SHOULD be forwarded but with some care.


Ms M said...

Great tip, thank you Tuttie :)

NeverEver said...

Okay, excellent, fantastic, and thank you ma'am! :-D

Stacy aka Fahiima said...

Good info. After I heard about the child porn thing I got super paranoid. My hubby is obsessed with security though, so I'm fairly sure that our connection is safer than most. Your idea about using the cache rather than actually visiting the site is genius. I'll start doing that rather than boosting their numbers.

.::Tuttie::. said...

It doesn't have to apply to Islamic hate sites only. I apply it to all racist, morally or ethically wrong sites. I was focusing on Anti Islam sites because those were the ones featured in the email.