November 21, 2009

I ♥ My Muslims!!

so yesterday (technically it is 12:40 AM and I just arrived home) I mentioned my hubs was taking me out to change my mood. So we ended up going to a fundraiser organized by 10 MSA (Muslim Student Associations) and Imam Siraj Wahaj was the guest speaker. I LOVED IT. A conference hall full of HUNDREDS of Muslims, young, old, tall and little people (aka children).

The speech was awesome it was about change in America. That during the time of Martin Luther King he was considered a terrorist and the FBI had placed him and his organization on the terror watch. So he was basically saying that history repeats itself he sees how we are villanize (is that a word?) and that it will get worst before it starts getting better. He says that Muslims need to stay relevant. He gave an example of his Masjid Taqwa and how the area was rundown with crackhouses until the Muslims moved in and made an all out campaign to stamp out drugs. It worked and it worked because they were relevant to the community.

He said to look around us the largest minority in America is the Latinos and they are entering Islam in droves then out of no where he gave a shout out to Latino Muslims and he asked us to raise our hands. There were about 10 Latino Muslims! One right in front of me!! yeah because I was staring at the one in front of me I missed the other hands. dang. but oh well.

So as soon as the speech was done I ran over to her and introduced myself. She is Mexican and has been Muslim for 8 months. MashAllah!! We started talking for hours and she was thrilled to find a fellow latina. She told me that she was having difficulties and has a lot of hard days and was making dua to meet someone that would understand her. I guess its a convert thing that we get all super excited when we meet fellow converts and even more so when you find out you have a shared heritage. wOoT WoOt!

I felt my Iman get a nice boost. I donated and hundreds of others donated as well, joint sadaqah can't beat it. It was awesome. I am gonna hang out with her next week inshaallah. Hubs was right I needed time away from my room and my computer. I am also hoping to change the battery in the car so I can start driving around and start taking my baby boy to places. JazakaAllah Khayr for your duas! oh and in unrelated news I lost 11lbs woOt! WoOt! I mentioned it on my other blog but wanted to share it here. too.


Ms M said...

Alhamdulillah Tuttie. It was nice to read that. I'm really pleased for you and I will make dua that you are able to have your car up to scratch. I really agree that we must be a part of the community. It's not that the internet is bad, or that computers are bad, or looking into your past is bad ;) I just think that without the company of other real people in our lives then things can go a bit weird. Assalamu alaikum. :)

.::Tuttie::. said...

wa alaykum as salaam

i know! my hubs was telling me I set myself up this week. I started my week with aunt flo, emotional, and I watched documentaries (many. many. many) and they all seemed to be tied to one thing: child abuse. So this past week was colossal for me and it was my own doing. I am a bonafide self saboteur.

LK said...

New friends are great remedies for bad times. I hope you are feeling better.

AlabasterMuslim said...

yayyy you found a fellow latina convert whoo hoo! lol

and and and congrats on losing that weight!!!

that'll be day....when i get a treadmill. lol.

hispanic muslimah said...

I'm glad to hear you are feeling better & about the lecture you went to with your hubby.I get that feeling too when I meet a convert. I know of one other mexican muslimah in my city too...i think i was too excited when i met her lol!
take care of yourself <3