November 1, 2009


am bind. yup. lost my contacts, eyes are hurting, and I don't even know where my glasses have been in nearly a year. So am going to go seek a replacement and I will continue t post once I can see. inshaAllah.


Gabby Hijabi said...

Salam alaikum. Havnt talked to you in a while. So sorry about the problems with your contacts/glasses.. i can TOTALLY relate.. am wearing (2 week contacts) for 4 months now and my glasses got lost so everyday i wake up early my eyes burning and sore.. and i am legally blind without glasses/contacts.. i can drive.. so i have been suffering.. since m-caid doesnt cover eyes and teeth now and no money to buy new ones i have to wait it out.. I am so sorry and i hope you get glasses and contacts very soon.. Inshallah! Love ya! <3Jessica

AlabasterMuslim said...

lol. i love that you wrote 'am bind'. lol