November 16, 2009

Duas for Anxiety, Sorrow, Distress and for Ease

I wanted to share these duas (supplications) with you guys. These duas are courtesy of the NJIT and Rutgers Muslim Student Association. They have been re sized so just click on the image to make it larger. May you benefit greatly from them. ameen.


Maryam said...

JazakaAllah Khair Tuttie.

This came at the perfect time.

Kiddy said...

Thank you Tuttie for these beautiful prayers,you are awesome.How did you know that I needed them right now in my life?I will just make a smooth adjustment to them according to my belief as a born again Spirit filled Christian.

AN said...

Jazaki Allaha khair.
Sister I was wondering if you can advice me about the best Spanish translation of the Quran, one of my coworkers asked for it, but I don't speak Spanish, or do you advise me to get him an English translation.
Thank you,
Jazaki Allah khair