November 14, 2009

dang it

Supernanny is my free shrink (this is my previous post about it.) SubhanaAllah I am SOOO screwed up! I am slowly learning now about the pitfalls of parenting and parenting when you yourself have issues. It was a scary insight about how we think we are helping our children by spoiling our children without proper discipline. You can't be too hard or too easy.

May Allah swt guide me and all the parents all over the world to be able to raise our children and give them the love they need and help them find themselves and be productive members of society. AMEEN.


Mina said...

Super nanny is cool, i love watching her perform...and shes so good at it:) she knows exactly what to do with naughty lil ones...Ameen to your dua'a sis.

Stacy aka Fahiima said...

Wow! Dave and I are trying to get our discipline strategies in place now. We have cut down on Layla's screaming fits a lot by making her go to time out, then she has to say "sorry for ( ) mommy, daddy."

It has helped a whole lot!

deleted said...

omg this is so wierd, i click your blog and i see this post about supernanny.

i look up to the tv and supernanny's on!

haha x

AlabasterMuslim said...

Oh my god tuttie. These people live like ten houses away from me, probably less.
my husbands lil cousin had a crush on the little 9 year old, tanner.
But i think they repainted the outside of their house for the show.

Maryam said...

I watch this show all the time.

This and wife swap and world's strictest parents.

I get a lot of tips from this show too; even though I have no children, and am not even married, I need to start early :)