November 22, 2009

Can You Do This?

ok so I purchased some organic green tea and as I was looking at a documentary about China I saw that they don't use tea bags. Apparently it is trashy to even use one. So anyway I saw how they actually brew the tea leaves and then serve. Every single person drinking tea had major leaves in their cup.

So I feel guilty throwing away the tea bag and leaves. SO what I was thinking was to break the contents of the tea bag free and boil them in water. but then what do you do with the leaves? do you eat them? or throw them out? Would it cause intestinal issues? are they even edible?

Anyone with any expertise or experience in this?

this is the tea I bought. Delish


Stacy aka Fahiima said...

Usually they sell the tea loose leaf at asian grocery stores, but I've always seen them either use a tea ball or strainer or some sort so that there are no leaves when you serve it. I don't know of a culture that actually consumes the leaves, but they won't make you sick either.

mari said...

i've started drinking tea with loose tea leaves (a friend got me hooked) and i don't think the leaves are supposed to be consumed, sis. just use a siever or strainer to get rid of them before serving...umm, and i tried drinking with the leaves in my cup..umm, not a good idea--bitterness times 100. lol. anyways, have you tried jasmine green tea? i love it! it's frangrantish--i might make me a cup soon lol.

NtN said...

When my mom was in China, they put the clumps of tea into a little ball strainer. Otherwise, it's like the loose tea in the Arab world; it just sits at the bottom.

.::Tuttie::. said...

@Stacy. I guess that would be the most logical place to look. **slaps forehead**

@Mari the bitterness is enough for me to pass on them. eww.

@Noor your mother is SOO interesting mashaAllah. I always wanted to be a globetrotter.

Kiddy said...

I love the idea of capturing the oriental art of a Korean tea ceremony in a home.There is a master brewer in charge that knows the art of brewing and pouring the tea which makes it very special and brings peace and harmony.We can liken it to a family where the husband is the head of the household and is honored and respected at all times.

Muslimah said...

When we make loose tea we usually use a strainer that looks something like this (
I don't know if it would hurt you if consume the leaves but I doubt it though I think it probably wont taste so good.

hispanic muslimah said...

My Chinese friend uses & recommends these: