November 12, 2009

Am curiosa

how many blogs do you guys have? I have a ton load some private and some public and I am LOVING it. It helps me compartmentalize my thoughts and ideas. It also helps me brainstorm about that particular subject so it keeps me focused. Another thing I like is that different crowds follow different topics so I get better feedback from readers. Which is GREAT! Alhamdulillah. I think you guys would go insane trying to follow all the random thoughts I have. Now my online life has some organization. yay!

but back to the question,

How many blogs do you have?
and what are the topics?


NtN said...

:( I can only see your public ones. Can I read the others or are they too private?

Hijab Chic said...

I have 3 blogs - my beloved Hijab Chic blog, Glamorous Interiors (my interior design blog) and another one called A Muslimah's diary but it's in Finnish and I guess many of you can't read Finnish...

Yayyy! I love blogging :)

Sweet said...

I have 4...

With Arms Wide Open- It's just letters/notes to my baby...Therapist told me to journal so I thought it would be a good way...hubby doesn't write but it's for the both of us

Sweet Surrender - everyday stuff

The Core of My soul - only family stuff

A Room of One's Own- creative sharing blog for only women contributors

Stephanie said...

3--A Beautiful Life about my son with Down syndrome and other DS related stuff.
Mulim Mama--General blog, sometimes about Islam, sometimes not.
Muslim Mama on a Diet--no explanation needed ;)
I agree, it's nice to connect with other bloggers in whatever particular community you're a part of.

Muslimah said...

I have two. One is personal with random thoughts/everyday stuff. Another is about graphics that I make. I made the graphics one because of a requests from friends.

Stacy aka Fahiima said...

I have 2. One in English that is about everyday life and topics that I find interesting.
The other is in Somali and is about health topics, although I'm really bad about updating.

AlabasterMuslim said...

I have two, one everyone can see which is what i mostly blog about, and a second one that is private which i rarely use but will use if there is anything i think is too private for my main one.

RE4everlyrical said...

I have two.
-Curtain Calls and Caramel Macchiatos--it's just a blog about my life, complete with random thoughts and rantings. A lot of it is about my involvement in the performing arts, but not all of it. You can read it at

-Hala Abdelnoor's Story--A novel I'm working on. Please read and follow @

I'm going to make a third one very soon. It's also going to be an online book, but unlike my first one, it's going to be about a bunch of HS theatre people--Nadine, the main character, her best friends Alyssa and Heidi, a male drama queen slash drummerboy (aka Roman aka the love of her life) and many others--and the drama (scripted and otherwise) they go through.

NeverEver said...

I have TWO

1. finding guidance... where I hash out all my thoughts

2. cooking through the boredom... where i write about fooood

cover your head, wiggle your toes said...

I used to have one, but then I stopped it ( trying to avoid some negativity!) So now I have another blog. Technically i have two but realistically i have one. ( confused yet?) This is Muslim hippie btw, I moved to a blog called "cover your head, wiggle your toes" here's the link if you would like to continue reading:

I am at a point of my life where one blog is already a luxury to find time for. So one it is for now. Love your compartments idea though!

BTW don't leave comments on my old blog mentioning anything about my new blog. its a secret blog of sorts!

.::Tuttie::. said...

@ALL OMG thank you! I now have new blogs to follow YAY.

@ cover your head I was so sad when you left, alhamdulillah you told me about the second one.

Ms M said...

Just the one...who knows over time, but I'd be hard pressed to do more right now. I am tempted to do a cooking one...I take lots of pics. But there are a lot of food blogs already.