October 3, 2009

who snitched?

so yeah post down for promoting haram and brazen booty shaking in public. Plus Alejandro who? [fill in the blank] ain't got nothing on you, hun.
*walks away in shame*

by the way does anyone know
who this guy is? I think its Putin.

side note: when I used to watch Spanish news I could never stop laughing every time they would mention Putin's name because the newscaster was having a hard time keeping their face straight. You see boys and girls when you remove the I-N from his name and add an A or an O. You have transformed his name from a name into a whore. Since we are known to shorten names by making them longer (*scratches head* it's true) and make things cute "Putin" sounded like a cute way of saying tiny whore. Just so you know.


Toush said...

hahaha i dont have a timeline for music. i loved all musics from the 90s to today. i really loved brick and lace love is wicked. it was my fav yall. then i went to the shopping mall, i was in h&m and they start blasting on their radio the song. i was standing there smiling and lost. and i ran away off the store. hahahahha lolllllll im still struggling

.::Tuttie::. said...

nope i have a deaf ear for songs nowadays unless they are laced into my commercials. its the oldies that get me.

NtN said...

That's fantastic. Putin suddenly seems so much more ridiculous and much less...err...much more ridiculous!

(According to my former roommate, he's a ladies man. She has posters of him in her room. This brings a whole new meaning to that!)

Candice said...

Putin's name can do that in French too, but they actually transliterate his name as Poutine for us in French, and that's our national fastfood dish, so it's funny for us for this reason. It's delicious!

RE4everlyrical said...

lmao i love that.
putin - (i + n) + (a) = whore
putin - (i + n) + (o) = manwhore.
I study Spanish (I'm in high school) and it's an amazing language. Including the bad words (: