October 23, 2009

Where is the outrage? Where are the pitch forks?

I have been watching food documentaries recently (for no reason whatsoever) and I am SHOCKED, OUTRAGED and FRUSTRATED. Patent Laws NEED to be REVISED. No one should be able to patent life.

The Future of Food is a 2004 documentary film which makes an in-depth investigation into unlabeled, patented, genetically engineered foods that have quietly made their way onto grocery stores in the United States for the past decade.
Disturbing quote from the film
"We will ensure that biotech products will receive the same oversight as other products instead of being hampered by unnecessary regulation."
Dan Quayle-Vice President & Chair, Council on Competitiveness, 1992
The FDA scientist objected to this and mentioned the decrease nutritional value and allergenic properties of these biotech creations. Seeing this much objection the administration brought in Michael Taylor as Deputy Commissioner for Policy, FDA. Only problem was that he was also a member of Monsanto's Senior Counsel. HE wrote the industry regulation which was NO regulation and became the rule of the land.
"Agricultural biotechnology will find a supporter occupying the White House next year, regardless of which candidate wins the election in November"
Monsanto Inhouse, Newsletter
October 6, 2000
The people responsible for overseeing these mammoth corporations are the corporations employees.
Where are we, the consumer in all of this?
Where is our government who is supposed to protect us?

Take these people for example and some may not be in their post any more but most likely another one of their employees as taken their place.

Linda Fisher
Executive Vice President for Monsanto Corporation
then Deputy administer for the EPA under George Bush senior administration. She has been back and forth 3x between Monsanto and the EPA.

Justice Clarence Thomas
Supreme Court Justice
Monsanto's Lawyer of Regulatory Affairs

Micky Kantor
Secretary of Commerce
Board of Directors, Monsanto

Lidia Watrud
Environmental Protection Agency
Biotech Researcher, Monsanto

Anne Veneman
Secretary of Agriculture
Board of Directors, Calgene purchased by Monsanto

Michael Friedman
Acting Commissioner, FDA (at the time of the film)
Senior VP, GD Searle, division of Monsanto

William Ruckelshaus
Chief Administrator, EPA
Monsanto Board Member

Donald Rumsfeld
Secretary of Defense (at that time)
President of Searle, a subsidiary of Monsanto

Universities used to raise question in the 70's but then the biotech industry started flooding universities with funding and everything that came out was just promotional material for those interest.
So who the heck is looking out for us?
Why are we lab rats?
Research Monsanto, research where our food is coming from, who owns and how it is made. I think that is the basic right of being HUMAN.

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Kiddy said...

That's odd I was thinking about similar things just the other day as I shopped at my grocery store, looking for the real-deal, beautiful looking and good tasting juicy oranges because of being deceived so many other times by something other than real oranges that I all but have to spit out of my mouth because I only like oranges.And lo and behold I didn't even recognize the fake orange looking fruit that I saw encountered nor the name of it.I am glad that I finally figured out to look for signs that tells me which is the real deal.