October 14, 2009

what do you youtube?

Youtube is a time killer for me but I still do it, I can't help it. Do you want to know what I look at for hours on end? you sure?

Kangaroo Boxing

I actually peed my pants watching a couple of those videos. MAN THEY ARE GOOD! I wanted to move to Australia just so I can see this but then I realized I could just google it or find it on YouTube.

What do you YouTube?


Kiddy said...

Is it true what I hear about Muslim men being addicted to pornography by the droves?Do they watch all this pornography on You Tube,or don't you know?

I like to watch mysteries on You Tube.It looks like you may be addicted to it,what else do you watch besides boxing kangaroos?

BintSabirah said...

I youtube Qur'an, People acting a fool, and make-up/hair tutorials.

Kim the ESL Tutor said...

Oh man, this makes me so darn proud to be Aussie! It's bloody hilarious. I feel so sorry for that kangaroo though, I wish they wouldn't take them out of their natural Aussie habitats. :(

Usually I'm Youtubing "buffalaxed" Indian music videos... You know how they get an Indian music video, and then put "English subtitles" for what the lyrics sound like it English? Some of the things people come up with are HILARIOUS!!

Also, I love looking up Japanese pranks. They're so funny and original, and make me laugh so much that it feels like I'm going to throw up all of my internal organs.

.::Tuttie::. said...

@PK. I wouldn't know. the Muslim men I am around have formally studied Islam and seem very proper around us. I'll tell you what my hubs researches....Allen Iverson. He has a man crush and stuff.

@ohsomuslim. me too but I do spend more time looking up kangaroo boxing

@kimdonesia. yeah I would prefer they just film them doing natural stuff in their natural environment.

@firdous. Yup that is another time killer for me.

Sarah said...

LOL now that's just stupid...what we're they expecting??

I youtube Qur'an recitations, lectures about Islam, kids movies, and funny videos.

Kiddy said...

Why Allen Iverson?Is it because he is a good basketball player and your husband likes that sport?

What does it say about you that you like boxing kangaroos?Also,it seems that you are pious,care about your looks and people acting a fool,why that is my question?I like watching British comedies as well as British mysteries and American movies from the 40's an 50's.

.::Tuttie::. said...

@pk. What does it say about me? I have NO idea...maybe that I am immature? I am just astounded at how good they are at boxing. I mean Muhammad Ali has nothing on them. :)

I am confused by your questions actually. I am not pious although I do strive to be pious everyday through Islam. Are you asking me if I care about my looks? well I am married so I definitely do care about my looks. I care that my husband finds me attractive and it makes me feel so good when he compliments me.

well the people acting a fool. well it is funny (until it happens to you I guess). I actually enjoy watching people make fools of themselves on purpose rather than people who happened to be unfortunate and had something happen to them. for example I watch wipe out but I wont watch someone being put through something similar by force.

NtN said...

I watch bad 80s and 90s tv shows, Ahmed Bukhatir nasheeds (the death one and the forgiveness ones...OML...best things ever). I watch videos on niqaab and Islam a lot; I have this intense fascination with watching people speak in niqaab. That sounds way creepier than it is, but I like how they're able to get points across and how they personalize themselves (little pins or a certain style, etc) so that their humanity shows. I usually just bounce from one sidebar to the next; so if it's a baby day, I go from one baby video to the next. Same for small, cute animals.

But my secret addiction is conversion stories. I will, and have, watch those all day and retake my shahadah with them when I can. Like the Aussie guy? The really funny one? Fabulous.

Modest Style Guide said...

NoortheNinjabi: what really funny aussie guy i wanna see!

Modest Style Guide said...

he is like "take me back to Australia!"