October 22, 2009

My Gyno Nightmare

I visited this obstetrician/gynecologist lady because she was the closest and all I needed was a pap smear this was in 2007. No biggie. WELL, while we were in the waiting room I kept looking around and the place looked shabby and unkempt. I previously worked for a ophthalmologist/eye surgeon and his place was spotless so I am kinda of a snob when it comes to cleanliness in a docs office. I forgot about it because my hubs and I were acting stupid and making each other laugh. A pregnant woman came for her appt and besides her and us there was no one in that office. That should have been a red flag seeing that this docs office is across from a major hospital.

The pregger lady went in to the examination rooms and I remember seeing her walking semi normal and we went back to our shenanigans and our 3rd grade jokes. We then heard a woman scream and he was like, did you hear that? and I wasn't sure since we were both being idiots.

The pregger lady came out and she was visibly waddling (which I found soo cute, I was so clueless). AGAIN I dismissed my hesitations and we went in. The doc didn't even introduce herself and for some reason I thought it weird that an ob/gyn would have such long nails. She disappeared and came back with gloves and this torture apparatus and she asked me to lay on the exam table

She then jammed that thing in to my crotch. Honestly I felt like someone had punched and drop kicked my crotch at the same time. It hurt soo MUCH! and she was like, "You are such a good patient all these Indian girls scream" NO FREAKING WAY! you practically raped them with a foreign object. SubhanAllah. If they came in as virgins they aren't any more. I felt like she needed to buy me breakfast or something after that. I mean did we just do it?

In the mean time my hubs and I are looking at each other clueless and speechless. When she left the room I turned to the hubs and asked if she had gotten a new thing or had used an old one and he couldn't tell me because he was trying to make me laugh to ease off the tension (that was before I was violated). SubhanaAllah.

Crazy doc comes back in and is trying to give me prescriptions for conceiving and I told her NO I was only 22 at the time and was not planning on getting preggers. If it happens it happens but I wont take any fertility drugs. As we are leaving she tries to get me to make an appointment for a follow up and I answer with, "I'll call you" as I waddled the heck out of her office.

So that was a Saturday, by Wednesday I was still in a lot of pain and I clearly had an infection because stuff was happening that wasn't natural. I call my friends and tell her the story and she recommends her gyno who is like 40 min away. The 2nd gyno gave me a prescription over the phone for me to take before she was able to see me just because what I described was severe and it turned out to be severe. I went to see her and she was sweet, her office was clean and professional AND there was more than 2 women waiting to be seen. She didn't violate me and the infection cleared away.

NEVER AGAIN. Moral of the story: DON'T PICK A DOC OUT OF THE YELLOW PAGES OR THE INTERNET ask your buddies first.


NtN said...

Ahahahahahaha. She didn't warn you about speculum? And how have your other doctors given you a pap without it?

SubhanaAllah, that infection thing is horrible. Did you report the first doctor?

Whenever I go in, I ask the nurses who set up my appointment to give me the name of their best woman practitioner; doctor, np, that other set of initials, whatever. Works like a charm every time...I ask for the ones with the sense of humor too; being told you have a cute cervix makes the process a little more pleasant! :-P

AlabasterMuslim said...

OMG tuttie that is so scary. I went in to my ob/gyn once and she just shoved her fingers up BOTH my *echms* and i was like WTF. there was no warning, and i was only expecting one area to be checked not the exit area. Argh.

LovieDrea said...

ohh man i can actually feel your pain!!! i was 17 when i had my first pap test and it was awful!!!! it was a man and he was super rough and i didnt want to touch another man after that experience!!!!
Anyway im glad you're better now!!! btw i love your blog and little stories my husband and i read them lol

Stacy aka Fahiima said...

I've thankfully had decent experiences with mine. Everyone hates the speculum though. I think since I've never had an abnormal pap I'm going to ask if I can wait 3 yrs to take another one.

Kiddy said...

I have not had one in three years,God wants me to trust Him when it comes to my female parts.