October 3, 2009

Music Struggles

I am not attracted to music that is new or younger than 2006. I am vintage like that. I think the only real times I struggled with it in the last 3 years was when the black eyed peas made that target commercial and I couldn't get them out of my head. Thanks to them I would randomly shout out mazzeltov! Because that is what I remembered from their song.

Second time I struggled was when I heard Kanye in a commercial for VH1s Story tellers and I would shout out KAANNYEEEEEEEEEEE! trying to imitate that weird sound he was making. So I guess the moral of the story is that TV is evil as both commercials were on tv. Anyone buying it? I also gave up tv only to come back crawling to it because of courttv's forensic files. I am a sucker like that.

NOW, my real struggle with music is anything prior to 2006, you can read why here. THOSE are the songs I struggle with as they are ingrained with memories attached to them. When I hang out with my non Muslim friends and they have the radio tuned into the Spanish stations usually one of my faves pops up and I get all teary eyed while smiling like an idiot look. THANK GOD for the niqab. Also the Spanish stations play EVERYTHING and what I mean by that is that they will play the newest song and follow it up with like a 50 year old salsa song, follow that up with a Bachata jam from the 80's and back to a new reggaeton song. So it totally is unpredictable. With the English channels they rarely play anything old unless the singer just died or something so I don't usually struggle when they are tuned in to them. Anyone know what I am talking about?

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