October 16, 2009

Modern Day Slavery

Slavery is a strong word that shouldn't be thrown around lightly. Here are REAL examples of modern day slavery in America.

By a conservative estimate, there are 27 million people working under various forms of slavery in the world today, and the number is growing. Read more HERE
The New York Times
Friday, October 16, 2009

Slavery and related kinds of servitude are a growing business because the number of desperately poor people is increasing and globalization has disrupted rural communities. In many nations, children, mainly girls, must drop out of school to work. A girl in a northern Thai village can be sold into prostitution for $2,000 a huge sum there. A Thai survey found that many families knowingly sold daughters into prostitution because they felt pressure to buy consumer goods such as televisions. Girls stay until they contract AIDS, and are then sent back to their villages to die in disgrace. (Same article as above)
The New York Times
Friday, October 16, 2009
New Jersey
October 15,2009
During four weeks of testimony, several victims told jurors how Afolabi confiscated their passports and used beatings and threats of voodoo curses to enforce tyrannical rules barring them from attending school, learning English, making friends or dating. Several were sexually assaulted by Afolabi's ex-husband and her son, both of whom have pleaded guilty.

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October 7, 2009
Three people have pleaded guilty to federal charges in what prosecutors allege was "modern-day slavery" of two Vietnamese women forced to work for years in central Pennsylvania nail salons....

...Last year, authorities say, one of the women managed to escape from a New Cumberland house where she had been held for nearly four years.

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New York
July 14, 2008

CENTRAL ISLIP, N.Y. — A federal judge has awarded almost $1 million in back wages to two Indonesian housekeepers who were virtually enslaved by a wealthy Long Island couple.

The victims have testified that they were beaten, slashed with knives and compelled to take freezing showers for such misdeeds as sleeping late in what prosecutors had said amounted to a "modern-day slavery" case.
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June 19, 2008

The government accuses Malika Garrett of returning to her native India in January 2003 and hiring a nanny, identified in the indictment only by the initials R.S., and with her husband and father-in-law conspiring to "commit the crime of forced labor." The Garretts threatened physical harm and threatened to accuse R.S. of terrorist acts and theft if she tried to alert authorities or escape the family's home in Woodstock, Ga., according to the indictment.

"The case is an example of alleged domestic servitude of a nanny brought over from India. This type of abuse is insidious, as it preys upon those who are vulnerable due to their immigration status and unfamiliarity with this country's legal system," said David E. Nahmias, the United States attorney for the Northern District of Georgia in a statement. Read more HERE

January 8, 2009

The story of Shyima Hall, who was brought to this country as a slave at age 10 and forced to work from dawn to midnight in the home of a wealthy Egyptian family living in Irvine, has been told around the world. According to news reports, the child ironed clothes, mopped floors, made beds and groomed the family's hair. She slept in the garage. She did not attend school or have any days off. Read more HERE

Listen to this NPR audio about Modern Day Slavery

all the samples I mentioned happened in the last 5 years in the USA of all places. The NPR piece deals more with Africa but it is still relevant. Be vigilant people and make dua for all those affected by this oppression. There are many other examples but I did do this post in 10 mins.

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NtN said...

SubhanaAllah. I remember the Egyptian case very well. May Allah SWT reward those being oppressed for their patience and punish those who oppress them according to their deeds.