October 27, 2009

Is this a good deal?

I want a reversible stroller and I have two offers, one for $4o and is a three wheeler Kolcraft and the other is a $75 with rain/wind screen. What do you guys think is the better deal?

This is the 3 wheeler
Brand New it would cost $180 plus shipping. I like it because it is a jogging stroller so I could start working out and not freak out that my running will flip the stroller if we hit a hole. This one is being sold for $40. Here is the Epinions of people who bought and used it.

it comes ONLY with what you see in the pic.

This is the 4 wheeler
Brand New it would cos $170 and it comes with all the accessories. It is being sold to me for $75. here are the epinions of people who have bought it.

The only differences between the two of them is the extra wheel and the extra $35. So do what do you guys think? which one is the better deal?


Nikki said...

I have a four wheel Graco that I use in the mall, but outside in gravel or over rough sidewalks (my town's are awful) it sucks. It's not as 'heavy duty' as the four wheeler you posted, though. (cost, brand new with infant carseat $145)

I have a 3 wheel jogging stroller, Jeep brand, and I love it for most outdoor things, but in the mall, museums, etc...it's a little bulky. (cost, brand new $130)

If I had to only choose one, I'd get the jogging stroller.

I do love how you have the option of facing your little one in the four wheeler.

.::Tuttie::. said...

as salaamu aalaykum nikki. actually BOTH are reversible. so I can't decide between the two.

Stacy aka Fahiima said...

I would tend to say that the 1st is the better deal. I know I was looking for a jogging stroller and couldn't find one for less than $80 which I didn't really have. I just ended up getting a used regular Graco stroller for $20. I think either will basically do what you want, so I would get the cheaper one.

Sarah said...

I switched to the 3 wheel stroller and I love it!! Even though the only time i 'run' with it is to catch the bus :D The wheels are nice and big so much easier to turn than a 4 wheel in my expierence.

.::Tuttie::. said...

I got both of them! forgot to mention that way back when. :)