October 31, 2009

Honduras trip Part one

For our trip to Honduras we prepped for nearly 6-9 months even though our trip was only going to be for 14 days. Every month after we submitted our application and were accepted in to the program we had to meet. We went to spiritual gatherings (I was in a catholic school after all), self sufficient farms in Massachusetts that help the impoverished overseas, Jesuit resorts (more like luxurious estates, they have taste) and other social justice related activities. All the activities involved us spending the night together somewhere. This was so that we could get along and start getting familiar with our annoying quirks and to handle chores together. That way we don't kill each other once we are in another country.

I learned A LOT about myself and my classmates most of whom I had only seen in school and hadn't befriended. I spent most of my college career being hospitalized closed to death so my priorities really weren't about me making friends. The last outing before our scheduled departure was a tense one. You see in the 2nd to last outing I had been a Christian and I wasn't wearing hijab and honestly didn't care if all 14 of us slept in the same room (it was a total of 3 guys but 2 dropped out at the end). Since everyone was respectful. Once I became Muslim and I was wearing hijab I did make objections and the 3 males plus the male faculty (he wasn't a professor, he was a Jesuit priest drop out and now worked for campus ministry) had to sleep in separate rooms. I IMMEDIATELY started to get the nasty looks and whispers from the women.

I didn't blame them since most of them knew each other for years and I was the new comer to the group and I was making it hard for them to hang out with their male friends. I am SOOO glad Allah swt kept me blind and deaf to the things they were saying about me because I later found out it was vicious.

Anyway like I said before I started off as a Christian and I became Muslim in April and we were leaving to Honduras in May. At first they were concerned about it seeing that this was theoretically a 'Christian' mission (although we weren't there to preach) but it was really too late to have me replaced by someone else plus the group had already 'meshed'. I think me being one of only 3 native Spanish speakers for a group of 12 definitely helped me out So preparations for us leaving went full steam ahead. I had to scramble because I had NO money and I had to buy loose/modest clothing to take with me to Honduras. The night before we were supposed to leave (4:00AM) I did my research and printed out the prayer times for Honduras during my stay and I found out in which direction to pray. While I was doing my research I found that there were TWO mosques in Honduras and one about 30 minutes from where I was going to be staying. Centro Islámico de Honduras in San Pedro Sula led by Yusuf Amdani, and the Comunidad Islámica de Honduras in Cortés for their info check them out here.

I was SOOO psyched and I wanted to visit so badly but our schedule was really tight and our goals very lofty. The school van arrived at 3:30 AM and people started loading their luggage I had very little to bring except my ipod (full of Qur'an :) ), my Qur'an, my prayer mat, a couple of hijabs, the few clothing I managed to buy AND the $20 to my name.



Kiddy said...

I know of what you speak,there are some viscous Christian women that call themselves Spirit filled,and they are worse than any Southern Baptist that I know and worldly folks even,be careful of them they can rally hurt you,don't trust them is my advice.I hold no grudge against them and I pray for them,but I am here by speaking up about my experience with some women warn people about them.

AlabasterMuslim said...

Why do you do this to me? You get me totally into a story and then make me wait for the rest of the story!! ahhhh the suspense! lol.
I can't believe that just a peice of fabric and modesty turns people against you, when in reality it should make them LIKE you.

LK said...

People don't like what they don't understand. Its as simple as that. Good for you that you still went!

LovieDrea said...

you're a very great story teller mashallah i'd like to read more about your life experiences i love your blog!