October 25, 2009

Health and Weight

I just got in to a discussion with someone about weight and being healthy. I think being skinny does not automatically equal healthy or being fat equal unhealthy. I think you can be healthy at any weight. I still think though that we should take responsibility for our actions. If you plant corn in your field why would you expect watermelons? That is not how it works. Same applies to our eating habits, our social interactions and so on. There maybe some lucky people out there who don't need to do much and their metabolism burns up all the unnecessary or harmful stuff but that is not the case for most people.

So try to eat a balanced meal whenever possible and have a sensible exercise program. Right before I was about to be sent to field training as part of my program to be a fighter pilot I had a tight food and exercise schedule. I was healthy, my cholesterol levels and everything else were good. I was underweight at 125lbs for being a pilot though and I was put on a stringent diet to gain muscle weight and not fat weight. Anyway the conversation with this person got all carried away as they got all accusatory and it was no longer a convo I wanted to be part of. I still don't understand a couple of the things she mentioned in her reply though although I think I am supposed to be offended.


Kiddy said...

Maybe this person is very unhappy with his or her life and you might have hit a trigger point that made this person go berserk.It might have been something you said that you had and they desired so bad and they got jealous so in retaliation they attacked you to cushion the blow of their tremendous pain.Can you find out if this person is hurting in any way?

NtN said...

A lot of people were raised around body issues and sometimes they come out in different ways. Control over food and diet, including other people's choices, can be a part of that. Maybe this individual is psychologically hurting from bad body image themself and reacting badly because of the issue?

AlabasterMuslim said...

I wish we could just have our bodies behave the way we want them to. One day, inshallah.

.::Tuttie::. said...

@sarah. I am already following you :)