October 16, 2009

Free the Slaves

I came across this foundation called Free the Slaves that aims to STOP and ERADICATE slavery of ALL kinds. I feel for the children and the poor who have been enslaved. Please take the time to watch the videos and educate yourself that slavery exists and we need to do something about it to eliminate it. A slave nowadays cost only $90!

About them

Free the Slaves liberates slaves around the world, helps them rebuild their lives and researches real world solutions to eradicate slavery forever.

We use world class research and compelling stories from the frontlines of slavery to convince the powerful and the powerless that we can end slavery.

We must end slavery.

Slavery 101
This 12 minute video is a powerful, succinct introduction to modern day slavery. Slaves from around the world share their stories and ultimately inspire us to end slavery.

**I cried watching the children. It reminded me of what I went through and I could only see my son in all their faces even though they look nothing a like. OH ALLAH swt please save the children and heal them of the injustice that has been done to them. ameen.

The Silent Revolution - Documentary
This is the story of people held in slavery in the stone quarries of northern India, who risk everything to take back their lives.

Dreams Die Hard - Documentary
One of them wanted to earn money so she could treat her parents like a king and queen, two of them were enticed by the promise of a good education, another one wanted to buy medicine for his sick son–none of them ever dreamed they would become slaves in the United States. But that is what happened. You can watch more of Free the Slaves' documentary films here:

Freedom and Beyond - Documentary
Freedom and Beyond is ultimately a story of hope and promise but it begins with voices of boys recently freed from slavery in northern India. They tell stories that are hard to hear. Important stories that help us learn what it takes to rescue children and help them rebuild their lives.

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