October 2, 2009


Prior to me reading fellow sister's blogs this summer I had NO idea who the heck Amr Diab (did I spell it right?) was. I still don't know who he is and I refuse to google him. Is he an actor or a singer? and why are you guys drooling over him? I just don't get it.

I was never into Arabs or Arab culture to be honest with you (although my best friend loves them to bits...the men that is) and the closest thing i got to it sadly, was shakira. This is used to be one of my fav songs from her. Any Arab can tell me what she is saying? I know she is singing in Spanish but there is a bit of Arabic in there. This song is from 1999.

Ojos Asi

Enjoy before hubs makes me take it down for promoting haramy stuff.

one more thing I had a thing for Alejandro Sanz and all because of the song he did with Shakira "la tortura." I couldn't embed it from youtube . OR you can view it via this channel that makes you watch a sponsor thing first. Her dancing is pretty weird on this one.

*this post will probably be online for like a day till hubs finds out.

researching these videos reminded me of all the songs I used to know and all the dances I used to know and all the workouts I used to do. DANG IT! I gave up music like 2 years ago! and now I am struggling with it again.


NtN said...

Stay strong!!! The amazing butt-wiggling abilities aren't worth it!!!

Kiddy said...

All I see is ugly.Where is the beauty that you see?I only watched a few seconds and could not tolerate it any longer.These videos only cause harm,little girls wiggle their bums like this woman, and there are some pervert people out there that cannot control themselves while watching them imitate this singer.

Jaz said...

I used to LOVEEE shakira for a really long time - until this week i renounced her because her new album is rubbish (but she wolf is great!)

I have all her CDs and records.. from Magia (1991) and all her spanish stuff....

Btw: Amr Diab is undeniably the cutest, hottest guy, and he has been veryyyy adorable since he started 20 odd years ago

AlabasterMuslim said...

I love shakira. Belly dancing = pure fun. i do not think dancing is haraam, just music. And of course the only thing you do is dance (since that would take away from religious obligations).

AlabasterMuslim said...

i guess your husband find out :P