October 5, 2009


I just want to kick some butt and take some names! AHHH!

So you guys know I own Frugal Muslim and HijabSwappers. If you don't, well now you do. FrugalMuslim is a cash back site so you shop through it, retailer pays me, I split it with the buyer and 1/3 is donated to a charity or non profit chosen by the users. HijabSwappers is a place where you can sell, buy or trade hijabs.

So I contacted many retailers Muslim and Non-Muslim to see if they would want to be apart of it. Most retailers were more than enthusiastic to get free advertisement and a steady stream of loyal users. Some retailers (mainly Muslim) never got back to me. Anyway a small fraction of the non Muslim retailers rejected me. Rejection is part of the biz and I am ok with it until I read their reasoning. In a way I guess I should be glad that they were honest but it still doesn't take the sting away. I wont reveal the names of the retailers in case this was a misunderstanding.

Here are the reasons for the rejections of FrugalMuslim:
  1. Your site is in a category that the advertiser does not want be associated with (say what?) Originally a friend of mine said that maybe they don't want to be associated with a discount/coupons site. So to test it out I started another coupons site geared towards hip hop/urban and guess what...I was approved.
  2. The traffic level to your Web site is too low (I'll give you that one)
  3. There is inappropriate material on your site (what?)
Can you guys check my site out to see what is inappropriate about it?

Here are the reasons for the HijabSwappers rejections:
  1. Website not yet live (yes we are)
  2. Serves a non-US based audience (Most of the visitors come from the USA and I don't see where they could get that we don't from considering I use a lot of target, sears and macys items).
  3. Applying website violates our affiliate agreement pertaining to acceptable site content (say what?)
  4. Your website may not be a good branding match for [retailer] at this time. (ouch)
  5. Your site is in a category that the advertiser does not want be associated with
  6. The traffic level to your Web site is too low
  7. There is inappropriate material on your site
  8. Your website contains material we consider to be inappropriate, as outlined in our approval guidelines (I read them and nowhere does it say NO hijabis or covered women)
AM FUMING MAD!! what do you gals think? I am angry I want to write them a letter but I may give them a bad image of Muslims so I am going to calm down and write the letter later. I want them to elaborate on their points before I blast them. After all it may be a misunderstanding.


NtN said...

Apparently they don't want a potential market of like 1 billion people?

Stacy aka Fahiima said...

Definitely take some time to let your anger fade before you write the letter. I don't get it. I would be mad too. They obviously didn't take a lot of time to look into what you were trying to do before they rejected you. I still think you have an awesome idea, its just going to take a little while for it to be self sufficient enough to attract certain retailers.

LK said...

...seems sketch. I don't think you are over-reacting since there is no inappropriate content on your site. They are afraid to be associated with a muslim website. Gosh that is so sad. We really haven't improved.

AlabasterMuslim said...

we all KNOW why they are rejecting your sites. But calm down and explain why THEY should be coming to YOU.

Mellika said...

Definitely agree with Stacy and Kim. Take time out, cool down, then draft a letter and re-read it several times. THEN send it. Suerte! xx