October 6, 2009

*Almost worst than labor

OMG! I have had the most debilitating tooth ache for the last couple of days. SUbhanaAllah I nearly smashed my head in to the wall hoping to get relief, hubs stopped me. In a way it is WORST than labor pain because at least with labor there is an end insight and once the kid comes out you are good. Tooth pain? SUCK. I have a high pain tolerance (once had my instep fractured and all i felt for a month was a muscle ache) so for me to wanna jump out of our apartment building or to try to smash my head in to the wall for relief says a lot.


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Anonymous said...

make paste out of cloves and apply to aching part, its a natural pain reliever for tooth related aches and pain. Thats what i usually do for myself and family.