September 8, 2009

WTH? If you are X-rated don't follow me...PLEASE!

ok so I am working on two of my biz and in the twitter account of each biz I have to block people. Reason? They are pornographic and gross. I don't know for how long one in particular followed me to be honest but their x-rated topics and links to x-rated material made it unsuitable for both biz in particular my hijabswappers. Why do they do that? Why would they follow a biz about women who wear hijab?

You know I really really really hope they weren't Muslim.

May Allah swt guide them to the truth and help them to distance themselves from such practices and trials. ameen


Kiddy said...

I had the same problem on twitter, until I blocked them.Why would they follow a petitkitten,is my question?And even more puzzling is why follow a biz about women who wear hijab,like you said?

.::Tuttie::. said... I could see why. You sex kitten you...Where you talking about Christianity in your twitter because then it would be beyond WEIRD. Why do they follow religious themed twitters?

AlabasterMuslim said...

eww. so gross. Guess they realize we are ladies in the streets does the rest go? lol.

Kiddy said...

I did describe myself and what I am about on twitter as a Christian,yes.So it is bizarre that they were following me,even a man named something like Big Daddy with a pornographic profile picture of himself supposedly, in the shower,you get the picture.And yeah it's a true statement that petitkitten sounds like a wild woman that's a sex kitten and ready to jump in bed with any Tom,Dick and Harry.