September 23, 2009


My computer monitor just died on me. It made hissing sounds and then it was dead. Just like that. NO good byes. NO heartfelt farewells. NONE. It just died. :( It is truly a sad day as I can't really replace it at the moment and can't access my computer files. *Tear* for my fallen friend. I now have to fight with the hubby to use his. SUCKOMUNDO!

Every day I wake up
I hope am dreaming
I cant believe this happened
Cant believe you aint here
Its like I feel empty inside without you being here
I would do anything man, to bring you back
I saw your CPU today
It looked soo lonely and sad
You was the greatest
Youll always be the greatest flat-screen-monitor-I-ever-had-(first too)
I miss you my dell monitor
Cant wait til that day, when I see your screen again
I cant wait til that day, when I see your screen again...



AlabasterMuslim said...

LOLLLLLLL tuttie hahaha you came up with a poem/song for your MONITOR!! lol

for real, thats a classic.
When your son grows up i'm telling on you!

aunty (aka me) : Kid, i gotta let you in on a secret.

ur son: Really Aunty? a secret?

aunty : Your mother...well... *tears*...ever since the death of her monitor, shes been off her rocker.

ur son: say it ain't so aunty! say it ain't so!

.::Tuttie::. said...

lol. i just pulled a diddy, you know when B I G died? diddy came out with the song "I'll be missing you" and it really was just a rip off of another artist's song and just changed a word or two. thats wat i did. I am seriously elbowing my husband and throwing temper tantrums just to use his laptop. SUCKOMUNDO!

Armeen said...

Assalamu3laikum! Tuttie..
Gr8...u r a poetess!!!
here are my po'ms..posted only 2...lost my 1st 1...3rd is in d making....haha