September 26, 2009

NOW I find them

first things first. ALHAMDULILLAH I have a monitor again even if it is monolithic and looks like the image to the right. ALHAMDULILLAH! I hated asking people to borrow their computers just so that I could feed my guilty pleasure aka The Jacaranda Secret. On to the post. ALL throughout Ramadan I kept looking for this word doc that I keep my duas in and now I am sharing them with you. Most of the duas I hear in speeches I copy them and put them in this doc. They are not in any particular order. I also keep on the same document a separate pages for duas for my husband, son, mom, bros, inlaws and friends. It was all in an effort to be as organized and methodical as possible so as to not forget anyone or anything. I started in preparation for hajj but we could never afford it and later it became for layaltul qadr. I haven't added anything recently and the ones below are just for me.

  1. To gain the pleasure of Allah (SWT)

  2. Forgiveness for ALL my sins, the ones committed publicly, privately, and the ones I don’t even know about.

  3. For my last deeds to be my best deeds

  4. for my best day to be the day I meet Allah (swt)

  5. To be spared the punishment of the fire

  6. To be spared the punishment in the grave

  7. To be granted Jannah without reckoning

  8. To increase in my Taqwa

  9. For all my prayers to be accepted

  10. To perfect my wudu

  11. To perfect my Salat

  12. Perfect my concentration in prayer

  13. To die as a practicing proper Muslim.

  14. Learn, speak, write, and understand Arabic

  15. Become an Aalim

  16. To gain as much Islamic knowledge as possible and to be able to practice it according to the Qur’an and Sunnah

  17. Be able to memorize ALL possible hadiths

  18. Memorize and understand the Qur’an

  19. To gain the pleasure of my husband

  20. To be an excellent wife

  21. To be an excellent mother

  22. To be a guiding light for people to enter Islam

  23. For protection against shaytan

  24. Protection against the enemies of the Muslims.

  25. Protection for my husband and family

  26. To be happy with what Allah (SWT) gives me

  27. To be happy with what my husband can provide for me

  28. To be reunited with my husband in Jannah

  29. I want to have love for the Masjid in my heart

  30. Pious upright progeny who will live and die as proper Muslims.

  31. To be steadfast in my Qiyam

  32. To be able to gain the reward for every Night of Power till I die

  33. To be able to gain as much rewards as it is humanly possible

  34. To have a pure heart, to make my actions for the sake of Allah (SWT) only

  35. To have perfect tajweed

  36. To excel in Arabic grammar.

  37. To be among the 70,000 who will enter Jannah without reckoning

  38. To drink from the pool of the Prophet (saw)

  39. To be among those who will drink from the hands of the Prophet (saw) on the day of judgment

  40. To live according to La Ilaha illa Allah

  41. To be granted Light and Speed to cross the Seerat on the Day of Judgement

  42. Easy HEALTHY pregnancy with NO complications.

  43. An EASY painless delivery without drugs NATURAL delivery

  44. Ya Allah I can’t make duah like the people around me please give me everything that they are asking for if it is best for me.

I also ask that Allah swt bless me with the good that the Prophet (saw) asked for and to be saved from all the evil that the Prophet (saw) asked to be spared from. AMEEEEENNN!


Jaz said...

aw ameen sis I'll be making dua for you and for us all

Great about getting a monitor!

AlabasterMuslim said...

Ameen!!! Inshallah!!! For the both of us and for both of our families and all of our loved ones! ameeenn!!