September 3, 2009

I just got my very own longi/izar/skirt thingy

I LOVE men in longi/izar/skirt thingy. I have been stealing my FIL and hubster's (sometimes my BIL's too) since I was pregnant. It was so comfortable and then I just started rocking it in my in laws house with an extra long hijab (just to make my MIL laugh). Every time I do it my MIL just dies laughing and telling me I remind her of the village women back in her country.

My FIL would frown and laugh at the same time but I was warned not to touch his favorite longi. Which incidentally was MY favorite longi too. Anyway after much heartache today he presented me with my very own longi (in lilac!) in the hopes, I guess, that I leave his stash alone. FINE.

I LOVE mine. It is so cute and lilacly (in my vocab lilacly is a word). So my lazy longi days are back and I don't have to steal them any more. Yay!


*samra* said...

omgggggggg i wanna try it now!!

AlabasterMuslim said...

thats actually a good idea!
I wear just the indian pants (i can never remember if its the 'salwaar' or the 'kamese'.) And i just ear like a tank top or some other shirt, kidnn of the same thing your go for. LOl and i steal my husbands shirts, pj pants, and jackets. (once i stole his boxers too to wear as shorts lol.)

.::Tuttie::. said...

@ Stacy aka Fahima. YUP! when I was pregnant I would tuck them right above my swollen belly. It was so comfortable and breezy :)

@*Samra* It only looks sexy on a man on a woman it adds a 'pouch' like thing in the front or wherever you tie it. So it might not be a good thing to wear it outside but inside I LOVE IT. It adjusts with your waist size.

@ AlabasterMuslim. i think its salwaar as kamese means shirt. I steal my husband's boxers ALL the time, pjs, pants, shirts and anything else he has. It's not that we are even the same size it is just me being too lazy to go look for my clothes and just wear his.

muslimah said...

hahaha LOL : P
thats great!
i wish i could see you mother in laws look on her face HAHA
and it sooooo BEDU of you gaaah hahahaha

.::Tuttie::. said...

Whats Bedu? as in bedouin?

Jaz said...

Aw that is so sweet lol

Lazeena Umm Yusuf said...

I used to think these things were really weird.. but mashaAllah they ARE comfortable! I wear my husbands all the time, even the cotton its made from is so soft and yummy!