September 3, 2009

I gave up music

I gave up music A LONG time ago and it is still my fitnah. I grew up listening to all kinds of music because of my mom. I know of songs that are so old they are part of a time when history was an oral tradition. Every Spanish speaking country has its genre and not only would I know about it I would even know their current hit songs, last years hit song I even knew some of their oldies. I live in a primarily Hispanic area (sprinkled with others) and every time someone blasts their radio I know that song and lyrics and how to dance to it. I try doing dhikr but it is so hard. Like right now I am typing this post and some car just passed by blasting a classic salsa song and I was jamming to it and the words to the song just spilled out. I try to remind myself that not only am I fasting but I am also trying to memorize and need to clear out disk space in my head.

*sigh* In jannah (inshaAllah) I will get down with my bad self. For now, I must strive to get to jannah.

Ps. My mom would go through stages like one month she would jam to only Rancheras (Mexican) and the next month it would be Bachata. Whenever my mom replayed a song more than twice we knew it was directed at somebody in the vicinity so we would pay attention to see who it fits. I MISS IT!! Well not the feeling sick to my stomach because one of us is in trouble but the jams.


AlabasterMuslim said...

I miss music so much. I know its haraam, but i'm the same as you. My dad never stopped listening to the 70's and 80's, and my mother threw in the early 90's, so add that with the music i myself liked...every song that come on the radio i pretty much know (unless its hiphop, i didn't get into that untill i was older).
I just keep thinking: Its ok its ok, if you love the music here imagine the music you'll be hearing in jannah (INSHALLAH!). Omg if we both go to Jannah we gotta listen to music together, ok! lol.

Ms M said...

@ Baji - those sounds like wise words from your husband. I remember reading something similar once and it really affected me. Yet, I still do struggle with not listening, just the same.