September 1, 2009

Him and his Logic. Leave me to my emotions dang nagit!

I was talking to my husband about person so and so is SUCH a nice and good person and this crap is happening to them. He responded, "Does bad things happen to good people? OR BECAUSE this happened they grow and become good people?" I don't know. Darn it. Him and his logic (mashaAllah) messing up a purely emotional moment.

I took it personal for some reason and I had a moment of insanity. You know when you try to reconcile the horrors of your past with the statement people like to throw around like, "things happen for a reason" or "everything that happens to a believer is good for them." That is a nice slogan for a post card or a bumper sticker but when you are dealing with deep emotional issues it is more like a slap in the face. I know people for the most part are well meaning and they don't mean to offend but if you are having a weak iman day it can shake you to the core. Like really? So children being raped and abused happens for a reason? What reason may that be? It was what was best for them? How so?

See how it backfires? Even if you can defend such an argument it is pointless as the person should have been reminded of Allah swt, the rewards of patience and the promise of the hereafter. At least it is uplifting. You and I DON'T know why things happen and dwelling on it distracts from the real issues and we digress to other things that bring no benefit to either party.


he said...

I hear many people say that this is a test from Allah SWT and that one must be patient. It can be difficult - some relatives of mine just recently lost their second child to cancer.

How can you console such a person?

Sarah said...

oh my gosh tuttie where the Heck have u been?! i love ur blog. seriously it drives me nuts when im feeling all down about my crappy childhood and then someone who's not even close to knowing what i've been through tries to use that on me. its like NO I am depressed, i want to here you say that person is a looser and deserves to be punished.

NtN said...

"Verily with the hardship comes an ease." (Surah al-Sharh)

(In the surah, it talks about a burden so heavy it makes the spine crackle (anqada) and about Allah SWT lifting that burden. The last 2 ayah give you the solution, although when in emotional moments, it's totally hard to hear.)

<3 you for the sake of Allah. May He give you strength through your tests, expiation for your sins, and unwavering knowledge of Him. May He guide you and your husband and son, may He bless you always, and may He make you of the righteous on the Last Day, ameen.