September 20, 2009

Eid summary and a Blast from my past

Eid was today for us ALHAMDULILLAH! so we went to celebrate with a huge congregation of Muslims in our area it was wonderful. There were minor issues like sisters wearing tight maxi dresses with even tighter shirts underneath the dresses and brothers refusing to park in the parking area across the street from the park and instead parking on the side of the road making a two laner even tighter. Whats up with that? there was a HUGE parking garage across the park for FREE (and despite the large mass of people you could still fit 3X more cars) instead the cops had to come and order people to move. It was embarrassing. Do people not realize that it sends a horrible message about Muslims?

Anyway I saw some friends of mine and we started chatting up and I noticed a brother hovering our area and I am thinking, that dude looks familiar, where do I know him from? So I realized I have seen this guy on more than one occasion in multiple places and every time we see him my husband and I are like,

Me: Do you know that brother? he looks familiar?
Hub: Nope. But he does look familiar. Where do we know him from?

We were once at a store (Islamic) and that guy was the cashier and the hub and I once again asked each other after we were in our car.

Me: Do you know that brother? he looks familiar?
Hub: Nope. But he does look familiar. Where do we know him from?
Me: NO idea. Plus we are in another state right now we probably don't know him.

Another time we were coming out of a friend's get together and we somehow spotted him and the hub and I looked at each other and asked

Hub: Do you know that brother? he looks familiar?
Me: Nope. But he does look familiar. Where do we know him from?

I AM SERIOUS. We see him EVERYWHERE and its like we suffer from amnesia or something that we can't remember who he is or where we have seen him before. We ALWAYS end up asking each other those same questions. So today I saw that brother and I once again was asking myself, where have I seen this brother? My hub wasn't with me as I was with the sisters but I found out later he was thinking the same thing. So I ask one of the sisters sitting nearby who the brother was and she said, oh him? He is [Brother A]. HOLY SHEEP! Yup. The same brother I interviewed for marriage, you can read about it here. HOLY SHEEP!

That TOTALLY explains why he was friendlier to other customers and whenever it was our turn he was expressionless, his answers were short and avoided every possible small talk attempts from us. HOW could I not remember him? Well for starters he was cleanly dress, his beard was neat and his hair groomed. Here I was thinking I was so perceptive and totally missed this one. So my friend continues..

My friend: You see that sister there?
Me: Yeah?
My friend: That's his wife.
My friend: why-OHHH! (look of understanding spreading across her face) He is brother A? no way!
Me: YES! (as we both start laughing our heads off)
My friend: HE IS THE BROTHER? I totally forgot. SHHH! He'll here us! stop it! SHHH! He'll here us!

Isn't it a wonder what a woman could do for a man? The brother was unrecognizable and happy and all of that with only a couple of months of being married. MashAllah. May Allah swt protect his marriage and increase their love for each other. AMEEN.

So it's time for us to leave and I run over to the hub to spill my beans and he already knows the answer as he was trying to solve our mystery. So we are driving away to go to another Eid celebration...cuz thats how we roll and the major road that goes directly to where we need to go is closed off. Long detours and when we finally get to the place I kick myself in the rear for not bringing a camera and biz cards. The sisters MASHALLAH were so stylish and FULLY covered! STUNNING! All of them were just stunning. MAshaAllah from the youngest sister (couple of months) to the oldest sister mashaAllah.

Maxi dresses GALORE all kinds of colors, jackets and tunics. I mean I spent most of my time just starting at them. The niqabis were gorgeous and stylish too. One sister had a custom maxi dress done for her and she looked beautiful and then her 3 year old shows up wearing a tiny version of the dress. A mommy and me moment. SOO CUTE! WHY? o WHY did I not bring a camera?

One sister had a nice abaya/jilbab on so I ran to her and after saying my salams and EID MUBARAK! I ask her where she got the Abaya done and she is like, "My cowife made it for me, am on my way to pick her up." My jaw dropped and I was amazed. MashAllah. All I know about polygyny is what I read about on the blogs and they seem very unhappy and bickering all the time. MashAllah. Today was AWESOME. TOTALLY AWESOME. I met so many new sisters, I saw hijabs from all over the world. I met some of the most stylish sisters EVER! Alhamdulillah. One sister in particular was wearing a tight black hijab similar to the one below with a fedora (Al Capone style) and some sunglasses and subhanAllah she just looked so good in it. She even had a swagger to go with it. MashAllah. Alhamdulillah for today it was awesome.

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