September 17, 2009

Cash in on some last minute Ramdan deeds! (inshaAllah)

Our Mission
Help eliminate the climate of fear and ignorance that makes family violence possible

Our Vision
A world where violence is not used to solve problems and parties to relationships are not required to sacrifice integrity and well-being as a condition of participation.

These sisters and brothers in GA needs carry 1200 lbls of food items
for needy people. So, how about buying them a truck this Eid?

Baabun Nasr Inc.
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Cause: Skill development
Specific Need: $2,500 for upgrading our Sister’s computer lab, which help families to move towards self-sufficiency by providing computers for employment searches, housing and utility assistance programs, resume writing, literacy programs on-line and much more! We have four computers donated from Temple University. (Update: They got 10 used computers donated by a local business, Alhamduillah)

$500 for winter gas bill. Last year, Baabun Nasr staff worked through the winter without heat because the cost to connect the gas was $500.00. This year with Allah’s aid we would like get the gas turned on.

Qualify for Zakah? Not for computer lab/bills, but yes for needy Muslims. So, if you are sending Zakah, mention that in your donation.

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