August 9, 2009

You Guys Spoiled Me

I am fairly new to blogging, I didn't care much for blogs and only got started reading them this past March as I was helping a friend launch their site. I am not sure how I landed onӇҿɡɑɓ~Ṙҿɧɑɓ and Mama... I Married a Masri but I was hooked and kept coming back for more. Over the next couple of months I discovered even more fabulous blogs that I happily started to follow. Why, am I sharing this with you? Because Ange and these sisters have spoiled me.

I went looking for more blogs on hijab fashion a couple of days ago and I came across one that had some great hijab pictures and some not so great. I left a comment in one of the post (wasn't nasty, derogatory, screaming haram halal or spitting hadiths) stating that outfit was not flattering. So I come back to this blog because they had a new post and I am still hungry for more hijab fashion and I noticed that a lot of comments were posted but not mine.

I read some more and realized that there was not a single dissenting comment. So I look at other posts and I see the same thing. Why? What is so bad about people saying an outfit doesn't match? So as I am trying to figure out how to stop following them (I wanted to remove them from my dashboard) I realized that although they have been around longer than *~Ange~* and some other Hijab fashion blogs (that I follow), they have just 60 followers. 60, mashallah is still a considerable # but nothing compared to the other, newer blogs I follow. I mean Ange is pretty controversial and yet she has 200+ followers in one blog and 400+ in the other. I wonder why?

I don't think a blog can thrive if you only allow the comments that agree with you. Maybe I am idealistic and naive or maybe the sisters whose blogs I follow have spoiled me by allowing all kinds of comments. I love the fact that Ange allows people to voice their opinions it makes her blog more believable and down to earth. In a way the other sister's blog creep me out. It seemed fake, sterile with a crazy tinge of delusional. I don't buy that no one disagreed with the post. I just don't buy it.

I like reading a blog and then waiting for the different opinions that now doubt will come otherwise, what's the point?

Or am I missing something?

Because if someone is going to get their hijab all in a bunch because someone disagreed with them, then maybe having a blog isn't the best idea. People will disagree with you. It's part of life. It's how our creator made us and it is what makes us all unique. So why are you frightened of a couple of comments?

*** I make a promise that as long as the statement made on my blog is not clearly racist or instigating violence on someone, I will publish it. You have the right to disagree with me.

Agree to disagree?


muslimah said...

well i agree, I am new to blogging aswell.
And i dont looooooooove all the blogs i see from sisters.
I think some are so booring and just "barbie" friendly. I really like anges blogs, I dont agree with everything she thinks or say, But it is honest and funny.
And that is what i love.

Good post!

.::Tuttie::. said...

@firdous. are you my twin?

@gabby hijabi NO PROBLEM! Email me at hijabmaster (at) so I could add you to my private blog.

muslimah said...

I dont know, I mean I look like a viking but might I be a bit hot blooded latina? I wish : P

.::Tuttie::. said...

lol. with a fiery latina temper? I think we are. :)