August 10, 2009

WoOt! WOoT! I have 20 followers and today my blog is 1 month old

ahem. Not that it matters as I write to express myself. Oh, who am I kidding. WoOt! WOoT! I got all excited today cuz I got 20 followers. JazakAllah khayr guys it totally encourages me to keep going.

Also my blog turns one month today. Yeah, they grows up so fast. *tear

oh and

you ladies (and one gent) are the best



Nur said...

you are super cool...
thats why we follow :D

Sara Zara said...

you have 21 sis, you forgot about me :( i literally just added myself before you posted this post :)anyway congratulations!

Gabby Hijabi said...

Congrats!! I still dont have 20 and ive had my blog since January (but mostly active since June) Hope you get tons more followers!!