August 9, 2009

Think of The Children

Some members of my family are HUGE and I mean HUGE Allen Iverson fans. I mean they vicariously live through the man's life trying to defend their star when people bash him. Personally I think these family members need a life or at the very least to get a blog titled I Have a Man Crush on Iverson. Anyway as one of my family members was going on and on about the horrible personal attacks on Iverson they shared with me a piece of information I never even considered.

You know how we have google and we can search for people? and read all those nasty comments and the oh so funny parodies? Yeah? So can their families.

Imagine Britney Spears's kid googling his mother and finding all the comments from us? Or Jon & Kate Plus 8 kids? Do we consider their feelings? You could be the worst mother, daughter, wife and friend in the world yet to the people that you matter they don't want to hear it. Why are we victimizing them? It is not even Islamic for us to do so and yet we do it so liberally.

Now imagine how their kids feel when they discover all the post you have made about their mother or father. Do you feel happy making this child embarrassed, ashamed and humiliated of their mother or father? True. You didn't force the starlet to do the things they did. However, you can control yourself from further spreading their shortcomings.

Imagine your child googling your name to discover posts titled
  • ( your name) is such a slut.
  • ( your name) considers herself Muslim? PULEEEZ!
  • ( your name) look at what she is wearing. White trash anyone?
I don't think we consider that when we decide to bash celebrities, public officials and athletes (among others) we rarely think of their families. I am guilty of some Britney Spears and other celebrity bashing and I feel ashamed for that. How am I even going to ask them for forgiveness? Like send them a letter of apology? they probably think I am some deranged fan and be smacked with a restraining order. What I am wondering is, Will I be held accountable to Allah swt for things I have typed up on this blog, others or elsewhere on the internet?

Remember, you wouldn't look so flattering if someone was constantly taking a picture of you or filming your every waking second.

1 comment:

Maryam said...

very true indeed.
I know I'd be very embarassed and upset if nasty things were said about my mom.

Good thing I am not a famous person.

I'll be content living in my little bubble :)